Getting in the spirits of Halloween

Ryan Nakamura, Staff Reporter

For students 21 and older, the answer to quarantine boredom is simple: drink! Instead of meeting friends at a bar, some chose to mix up a nice drink or two and video-chat with them.

Megan Anderson, a sophomore accounting major, was eager to share her favorite drink to relax with. 

“I don’t drink much but I love Malibu, so when I found the Malibu Sunset? It was perfect.” Anderson said.

The Malibu Sunset is a cocktail that boasts a refreshing tropical taste, an eye-catching look and an easy-to-follow recipe. 

So, what do you need to make this cocktail? First and foremost, you’ll need Malibu rum, the foundation of the drink. Then all you need to pick up is some pineapple juice, sweet grenadine syrup and of course some ice. 

To make it you’ll need to do as follows: put three to four ice cubes in your glass of choice, pour two ounces of the rum and four ounces of the pineapple juice in, slowly pour one ounce of the grenadine down the side of the glass and enjoy your drink responsibly! 

For those who want to experience this drink but aren’t old enough yet, the mocktail is as simple as swapping out one ingredient. For the non-alcoholic version all you have to do is switch the rum out for coconut water, and voila: one summery drink, hold the buzz.

For those who want to try a variety of cocktails but don’t want to break the bank buying the liquor, there are a number of recipes readily available on Kraken black rum’s website. 

On the simpler side is the “Ink Shot,” a twist on the well-known “Jell-O shot.” For this you’ll need a medium sized saucepan, one cup of Kraken, one cup of root beer and one (three-ounce) box of black cherry Jell-O. 

Begin by bringing the root beer to a boil in the saucepan, remove from heat adding Jell-O, stir until it’s completely dissolved, add Kraken stirring once more,  pour everything into plastic shot glasses and chill for two hours.

With Halloween fast approaching it seems only appropriate to provide some drinks in the spirit of the season. First is a spooky mocktail for minors, the Ocean Blue Goblet. 

You’ll need Blue Raspberry syrup, sour mix and lemon lime soda. To make it you’ll mix three ounces of syrup, 9.5 ounces of sour mix and 9.5 ounces of the soda. Finish up with a garnish of gummy sharks and you’re all done.

If you’re of legal drinking age and feeling frightful, there’s the Jekyll and Gin, a creepy cocktail with a fun twist: it glows under a blacklight! 

To make this you’ll need gin, lemon juice, grenadine, ice, tonic water, and a cocktail shaker (all of which can be purchased at your local grocery store). Mix three ounces of gin, a half ounce of lemon juice and a teaspoon of grenadine in the cocktail shaker, pour it into a glass with ice, then top with tonic water with an optional glow stick garnish!