Trivia brings together more than just students

RachelAnn Degnan, Staff Reporter

What started as a “bootlegged” trivia night as an effort to keep student morale up has now become a collaboration between the Recreation Center and Student Activities. 

Senior and Intramural Manager Spencer Dalzell reflects on the tough start to the event.

“When we were doing it last spring, it was way more bootlegged. We were all doing it at home and it was all over the place,” Dalzell said. “Now, we get to partner with Campus Activities and it’s just been so awesome.”

Dalzell and his team leader, Intramural Sports and Special Events Coordinator Shana Kessler, decided that this quarter the virtual event needed extra help.

“[The trivia night] is a collaborative effort with campus activities and allows us to present a really cool interactive program presented and put on by students,” Kessler said. “There are students on the Campus Activities side and from the recreation side who all have had a hand in putting together the show from developing the question to running the channel.”

Each week’s trivia event is entirely shaped around a pop culture theme.

“Our first one this year was Harry Potter themed so we had our host wearing a robe and holding a wand while surrounded by the books,” Dalzell said. “It’s just so nice to go from running it out of our bedrooms to having some real campus support.”

Student Activities’ Senior and Event Coordinator Elegardo Serrano is impressed with the Recreation Center’s enthusiasm and dedication to student involvement and unity.

“Honestly, [Recreation] is doing almost all of it. All we have been really doing is the questions,” Serrano said. “They deserve so much more credit, and Max, the presenter, does such a great job of getting people involved even though there is no one really talking but him.”

For Serrano, trivia night is less about winning and more about bringing a community together.

“This trivia event is just so much fun to participate in,” Serrano said. “It is such a fun welcoming experience and that’s exactly what we wanted.”

Students interested in showing how much they know about pop culture can compete to win cool prizes and swag bags.

“The easiest way to join in is to sign yourself up for a [free] Twitch account. Then go to our page at and then just give us a follow,” Dalzell said. “Then on Wednesday nights at 7 p.m., we use an extension on Quiz Kit, that you link your account to and you can play on a mobile device or laptop.”