Find all the little things in life

Mitchell Roland, Columnist

On a broad level I believe that in 2020, with a pandemic that makes it impossible to hang out in large groups, wildfires that made the air unsafe and a recession that strikes fear in the hearts of college students hoping to find a job upon graduating, it is the perfect time to do whatever makes you happy.

This year has been stressful for everyone, so it’s important to do things that bring you joy. It could be a new twist on an old choir, it could be beginning to celebrate something several months in advance or it could be finding a new way to stay active.

I try to look for little things, whether they are new or old, that will make me a little happier. As long as it’s no harm, then it’s no foul.

While this issue’s publication date marks the official beginning of the fall season, over the weekend I took my first decisive step towards celebrating the upcoming winter season.

As I was grocery shopping, I purchased pumpkin spice eggnog (apparently that’s a thing) and happily poured myself a glass when I got home.

Even though it was technically summer when I bought my first carton of eggnog, I couldn’t help it. The first time I see eggnog for purchase every year, I feel like I’m required to buy a bottle.

If you want to buy eggnog in September, go for it. As someone who’s always had a passion for eggnog, the ability to buy it whenever I want for the next three months brings me comfort.

And I’m not alone in looking for ways to find happiness.

During quarantine, a lot of my friends have found new hobbies, interests and activities to stay sane and busy. And while you may think they’re silly or weird, 2020 has been weird so it’s par for the course.

My friend texted me the other day that she put on a pair of high heels while doing dishes so that she could “feel fancy.” This same friend has told me on several occasions that she’s dressed up for everyday activities, such as going to the dentist or getting a flu shot, as a way to mix her life up a little bit.

Another friend said she’s been turning her air conditioning all the way up, putting on a warm sweater and making her favorite comfort foods because, as winter is her favorite season. This friend has also begun to make Spotify music playlists with “really specific and weird vibes.”

And since gyms were closed, another friend said he started to do yoga at home as a way to stay active. During quarantine, he also found that he had a passion for music and has begun to listen to more of it.

And yes, some of those may be silly things to do. But they also break up the mundane life of staying inside, isolated from your friends and family.