CWU offering students Emotional Intelligence Badges for display on their social media platforms

Ty Mcphee, Staff Reporter

CWU is offering the first ever Emotional Intelligence Badges for students to display on their social media profiles through its new course, Emotional Intelligence for Professionals (BUS411).

The course will lead students through five different modules that break down emotional intelligence, help them understand their own behaviors and work on workplace communication skills. The class will provide an engaging environment, with lectures being nonexistent and a focus on participation-based learning.

Susan Peahl, a board-certified hypnotherapist and corporate coach, as well as one of the three instructors of the program said they’re able to take a deep dive and go rich into not just what is emotional intelligence, but who the students are and how they are wired.

Liz Fifield, a talent acquisition leader and another instructor for the course, said the Emotional Intelligence Badge is something that’s starting to gain traction and shows competency in a certain area. Students with the badge are more likely to be considered for internships or interviews.

Students will need to take assessments beforehand that help them understand the different behaviours and reactions to situations they use and highlight their strengths and weaknesses.

Andy Parks, a lecturer in the College of Business and the third instructor of the course, said emotional intelligence is one of the highest skill sets in demand. Parks went on to add that CWU offering this course to students gives them an advantage over other institutions which don’t have a course like this one.

The course is also offered through the Continuing Education department. Students will still receive the Emotional Intelligence Badge to display their comprehension of the subject along with the Certificate of Completion, but instead of credits they’ll earn Professional Development Units which are needed for different management certificates.

The course ran during the summer to a group of five students, but they are expecting to see closer to 25 students registered for the winter class. Students interested in the course will need to have completed MGT 380 or MGT 382, along with MGT 395, with a minimum grade of a C- in each course.