Passing time in the pandemic

Abigail Duchow, Scene Editor

Tiffany Tablang
Tiffany Tablang

While young people in the late 1960s spent their time in the summer of love, young people in 2020 had to spend their time in the summer of COVID-19. Hanging out while social distancing, creating cocktails and working are some of the activities students took part in during their summer vacations.

Sadie Kautz, a senior majoring in business, said she spent most of her time with her parents, roommate and dogs. She also worked for DoorDash during the summer, which she said she’s done in previous summers. 

Kautz said her summer was pretty slow and boring, and she found herself not being as As productive as she could have been. She wasn’t able to see her friends, either. 

“They all had essential jobs and I’m high risk so I couldn’t really see them,” Kautz said.

She also wasn’t able to travel with friends like she could in previous summers. She’s originally from Vancouver, Washington, so she would go to the nearby Portland, Oregon with her friends during previous years. She and her friends used to go to the beach, as well.

“We also couldn’t go to the beach [this summer]. I miss the beach so much. I hope I can visit there soon,” Kautz said.

Bailey Nygreen, also a senior majoring in business, spent the beginning of her summer doing a load of summer quarter classes. She also said she bought several new games and had game nights. She and her friends would play games like Taboo, Twister, Jenga, Cards Against Humanity and Drunk Stoned or Stupid.

Besides game nights, Nygreen spent her time outside hiking, camping, boating and having picnics at sunset. A place she went camping was Cannon Beach, Oregon. She also used her time to perfect her cocktail making skills.

I also got really creative with home workouts and super into cooking different things considering I had so much time,” Nygreen said. 

Renia Papadimas, a senior majoring in biology and STEM education, worked a lot over the summer, but some of the fun things she did included going to Cannon Beach, having bonfires and baking things such as banana bread and cinnamon rolls. 

Another thing Papadimas enjoyed doing over the summer was going to drive-in movies with her friends.

“We brought our own food, blankets, pillows and just sat in the trunk of my car keeping a social distance,” Papadimas said.