Staff face furloughs, reduction in hours during summer

Mitchell Roland, Senior Reporter

Due to a “significant” impact on the university’s budget due to COVID-19, CWU President James L. Gaudino announced a reduction in staffing over the summer in an email this morning.

According to the email, CWU is estimated to have a $12 million revenue shortfall for the upcoming fiscal year. This has resulted in the staffing reductions, which consist of furloughs and a reduction in hours.

During July and August, 19% of CWU’s classified and exempt staff will be furloughed without pay. These staff will be on standby status, which means they could return to work if the need arises. These employees will also be eligible for unemployment benefits.

Those who are not furloughed will likely have their hours reduced over the summer. About 1,050 of the 1,200 staff  at CWU will have their hours reduced. Employees whose positions are funded by a grant, or those who are critical to the safety of the university, will not see a reduction in their hours. According to the email, an employee who typically works 40 hours a week may only work 32 hours a week during the summer.

The campus will also only be operational four days a week except for essential staff. From July 1 through Aug. 31, CWU’s campus will operate Monday through Thursday. According to the email, Gaudino’s leadership team will be assessing furloughs and staffing reductions on a quarterly basis.

In the email, Gaudino said he is confident that the school will remain strong through these staffing reductions.

“We have faced serious challenges in the past and persevered, and we shall do so again,” Gaudino said.