Students will be able to return to collect their belongings before the end of the quarter

Ty Mcphee, Staff Reporter

CWU Housing has announced through updates posted to their webpage and emails sent out to the student body there is a plan on how students may get any belongings left in dorms back.

Starting May 18 at noon, students will be able to sign up online through their MyHousing portal for a time slot to go back to campus and retrieve their belongings. 

The official date range for when students are allowed to do so after signing up for a time is June 15 through July 15.

With COVID-19 still affecting the community, steps have been added to this year’s check out process in order to ensure the safety of students and staff. According to the CWU Housing page update, no more than three adults including the student are allowed to come and collect belongings. Pets, children and friends are asked to stay home. One family will be allowed in elevators at a time.

Tricia Rabel, Executive Director for Housing and Residence life said that the use of masks will be heavily suggested to those collecting their things, but it will not be required.

“Normally we would have move-in carts to help take care of the move out process, those aren’t available because we can’t guarantee they’ve been sanitized between use,” Rabel said. 

Rabel noted that a lot of computer coding wenting into the checkout process to keep people as separate as possible. 4 hours is given to those needing to move out their items, and halls that have multiple wings will schedule people at the same time in seperate wings to prioritize safety while still being efficient. 

“We’re asking people not to share elevators with other families if they need it or stairwells. There’s space between each checkout timeslot, a 30 minute space where our custodial will really work hard at doing additional sanitation,” Rabel said.

Students that are out of state or out of the country are being accounted for on a one on one basis, according to Rabel. 

“That could look anything from us boxing up items and storing them until fall. It could be finding a time outside of the normal parameters for our checkout move out. Anything within health restrictions, we will work with the student on,” Rabel said.

Students that needed extra care taken with their possessions, like watering plants or keeping fish fed, were taken care of by staff. 

“We worked with students and moved their plants from their residence hall room into a central location, so our RES life office now, Rabel said. “We have two big conference rooms that have a lot of plants in them and then we have quite a few fish that we need to take care of.”

Students will be able to sign up for an available time slot to collect their possessions through  their MyHousing page beginning May 18.