County says to check-in on friends in isolation

Mariah Valles, Central News Watch

As of May 15, there are 49 COVID-19 cases in Kittitas County with zero deaths. A total number of 15 people have recovered and there are 86 tests still pending. 

A Kittitas County press release says if you know somebody in isolation, to check up on them and offer support. 

“People who are at home can always use help with food, laundry detergent, medicine, or a kind gesture like cut flowers or a good book delivered to their doorstep,” the press release states. “Please continue to show kindness.”

Health Officer Dr. Mark Larson encourages Kittitas County residents to keep working to curb the spread of the virus.

“Kittitas County has been responding to COVID-19, since our first positive patient was identified back in March,” Larson said. “Keep being resilient by keeping connections with your loved ones, avoid negative social media, help others, and remember this will get better.”