Meet the ASCWU Director for Governmental Affairs candidate


Mariah Valles, Orientation Editor and Photo Editor

Note: Answers have been transcribed from audio interviews.

Candidate: Edgar Espino


Even though you’re running unopposed, why should people still vote for you?

Edgar: Well, the reason I’m running for VP of governmental affairs is I want to see some change happen with administration. What I’ve seen with last year’s VP of legislative affairs [is that] the student body is beginning to become more politically active in the political process. I simply just want to continue that and make the school and the students more active in the political process and that can be whether from lobbying in Olympia with the Washington Student Association, simply just showing up at the voting centers we host on campus or even going to city council meetings and being more active in local politics as well.


What will be your main priority in this position?

Edgar: My main priority would be give as many local resources to the students as possible.


What’s something people may not know about you?

Edgar: Let’s see. That’s weird. There’s a lot of things people don’t know, but I guess when you really get to know me, I like drums.



Vote in the ASCWU primary May 9-12 at