Stay social with school spirit

Taylor Clark, Columnist

When beginning life at a new school, it can be difficult to get to know other people and feel comfortable doing it. 

Noticing that a lot of individuals around campus were involved with different clubs and activities changed my mindset and overall thoughts about participating. I wanted to be a part of something, especially without playing a specific sport for the school, was more real than ever. The driving force from this was being able to participate and be involved without being included in a sports team. This gave me a sense of hope as the new year started. 

There are several benefits of being social. An article titled “6 Health Benefits of Being Social,” said when people choose to be social, they can add years to their life, reduce their risk of stroke and potentially boost their immune system. Being social can also reduce or delay the risk of memory loss or Alzheimer’s disease.

Being social can also relieve pain. A study done at Brigham Young University, UT showed loneliness and isolation can have a bigger impact on someone’s life span than obesity. The study also showed that spending time with friends and family can lower your blood pressure and reduce inflammation in your body. Another study done at Carnegie Mellon University, PA found that being more social increased one’s resistance to colds and flu. 

Personally, I know I feel more relaxed and less overwhelmed when I spend time with family and friends. This really becomes apparent after a particularly long and stressful day.

Having good mental health is just as important, if not more important, than having  strong physical health. An article  titled “The Health Benefits of Socializing” says when one has an active social life, the result will be both better physical and mental health.  When socializing, one’s feelings of well-being are boosted and the feelings of being depressed or alone are decreased immensely. 

This comes into play when trying to decide whether to participate in an event that the university or the community might be holding. If someone is on the fence about this, go for it! 

The importance of being involved with your peers is crucial to someone in the long run with regards to both their physical and mental health. 

Putting yourself out there and participating in school events can be scary at times, but more likely than not, the people that put an event together would be nothing but excited to see a fresh face. 

Some events that are easy to attend without much effort include sporting events or sporting activities. As a spectator at a basketball game, you don’t have to worry about playing the sport or being involved in what you’re watching specifically. You are more able to focus on the people around you as well as just enjoy the overall atmosphere that comes from any sort of sporting event. 

I encourage anyone who wants to attend an event or activity on campus to do it. The benefits that you gain as an individual are unmatched and the best part is, everyone else is right there with you. 

Step out of your comfort zone and put yourself out there a little bit. The results will blow you away and the people around you as well.