Save some baking supplies for the rest of us!

Mariah Valles, Columnist

Look, I know we’re in the middle of a pandemic, but please, for the love of God, stop hoarding the baking supplies. A few days ago I entered my kitchen (like I usually do), and realized I had three overripe bananas. What does this mean? Well, usually it means you go to Fred Meyer and buy a package of sugar and flour to make banana bread. But in today’s insanity, it means you have to trade your friend an old fish tank for two cups of sugar. 

You read it right, folks. I gave somebody a full blown fish tank setup for two cups of granulated white sugar. Before you say “oh, she broke social distancing rules for banana bread,” I didn’t. We stayed six feet away, traded and went on with our fish parenting and baking lives. This was hard considering the lack of in-person social interaction I’ve had in the last three weeks, but I know it’s important to follow the rules. 

Anyways, not a single grocery store in all of Ellensburg had a single box, bag or grain of sugar. I gave some of my grocery store insiders a call and they said stores were wiped entirely. I’m not blaming grocery stores either, I’m blaming the people who are suddenly self-proclaimed master bakers. 

It’s understandable why people would want to stock up on supplies right now, but it’s a vital time for us to support each other. This includes allowing each other the opportunity to bake all the stresses away. 

All jokes aside, I know it’s a time when we’re all at home and have the sudden urge to bake more than ever before. My point here is that you should take what you need for your baking project, not what you need to host your own Food Network baking show. 

In honor of good fun, I’m sharing with you my favorite recipes for banana bread and pumpkin bread. I’ll also offer you some college baking budget pro tips. 

If you can, order groceries through pick up and avoid going inside grocery stores unless absolutely necessary. So with that said, bake it off, but do so responsibly.