Club Council discusses new elected position

With the impending removal of the VP of Clubs and Organizations, a new elected position has opened up. Among concerns about space for club advertisements and a new website, the new position was one of the main topics that was discussed at the most recent club council meeting.

Abigail Duchow, Staff Reporter

New Position: Interclub Associate President

The VP of Clubs and Organizations, Ashley Klippert, described the new position that will be replacing her current position. The new position is titled Interclub Associate (ICA) President, and will be effective next year assuming the ASCWU constitution changes pass.

The new position will be responsible for supporting CWU clubs, assisting in organization recognition and assisting in developing club officer training. 

“The position won’t be the VP of Clubs and Orgs, it will be the Interclub Associate President. There will be a bit more clarity of what their job actually is,” Klippert said.

The ICA president will also be in charge of running the club council meetings, as well as reporting to the student engagement coordinator, Michael Middleton.

“The intent as it stands is for that VP position to transform into the president of the ICA position,” Middleton said. “Currently, in the model in which student government is set up in…our VP for clubs has very little time out of their supposed 20 hour work week. There’s a lot of stuff they just can’t get to because of their other student government requirements.”

Middleton described this time in student government as a transitional period. As ASCWU works on changing its constitution, the clubs and organizations area of ASCWU will transition away from student government and become more incorporated into the student engagement sector.

“All 20 hours of their work is just going to be about how we can better the experience of clubs on campus,” Middleton said.

The application deadline for this position is two business days before the April club council meeting. Voting will open after the club council’s May meeting, during which each club will cast one vote.

New Website

Riel Hanson

Middleton also introduced a website for showcasing and organizing clubs and organizations. The website was first launched in early winter quarter and is not fully developed yet. The site, called Presence, is projected by Middleton to have a hard launch in fall 2020. When the website is fully functional, it will have several different functions. 

Through the website, clubs will get their own pages. On their pages, clubs will be able to describe what their club is, provide contact information and state how to join their club. 

Clubs and organizations will also be able to list events on the website. The website should allow clubs to check in the people who attend their events. This will allow clubs to see who came to their events.

“I know it’ll alleviate a lot of stress that clubs go through with recognition, club membership, and students finding out what clubs there are and what they’re all about,” Klippert said.

The site has a section for forms which will eliminate the need for paper packets that students currently have to turn in. Instead of turning in paper packets, club members will now be able to fill out forms directly on the website. 

The URL for the website is and is currently the only way to access it. It should be easily accessible through CWU’s website at some point in the future. 

“We want to set it up so that you all have to go through as little as possible to get the things that you need done, done,” Middleton said. 

Lack of Bulletin Space for Club Posters

Job Place is the club council representative for Swing Cats, which hosts swing dance sessions, and described it as a “swing themed social gathering club.” Place brought up a concern at the club council meeting about the lack of space for posters in the buildings on campus. Place said he couldn’t find room to put posters up and would appreciate if there was more room for posters and club advertisements. 

“I couldn’t put one up in the science building,” Place said. “It’s not because they were out of date either, there’s just a lot. The demand for them is high.”