Urge to live at the verge

Taylor Clark, Columnist

Deciding where to live, especially in Ellensburg, was stressful. Ellensburg offers lots of housing but not only that, Ellensburg offers affordable housing. As I was looking for places to live, The Verge was one of the most common and popular apartment complexes that had availability. While you could live in a residence hall or even in a house with friends, one of the best options out there is to live at The Verge.


The more I looked into The Verge, the more I fell in love with it. The complex offers things I didn’t even think about when I was researching living situations before coming here. According to The Verge’s website, their apartment complex offers both two bedroom as well as three bedroom apartments. The pricing for either a two or three bedroom apartment is the same, ranging from $530-635 per person as well as per month.

As I continued reading, I came across what exactly The Verge has to offer and why the prices are the way  they are. As I continued to browse The Verge’s website I found that the pricing of the apartments were great due to what they included. Granted, as soon as I saw the pricing, right off the bat I was concerned due to it being so high. Truth be told I didn’t read past the pricing so initially, I was worried. 


The Verge’s amenities make the price beyond worth it. On The Verge’s website, it states the price per month is an accumulated cost of various different features. The price includes a private bathroom, private bedroom, your own walk-in closet, full kitchen, modern furniture for the whole place, washer and dryer (in your apartment), water, trash service, high speed internet and a premium cable package. 

The Verge is also pet friendly. In fact, they encourage pets! Throughout the outside grass areas of the apartment complex, there are disposable waste bags to clean up after your animals along with a disposable trash can so the clean up is fast and easy. My roommate and I do have a pet fish which is very easy to care for and take care of but we never would’ve been able to do so without The Verge’s allowance. 

Another thing that makes The Verge an easy choice when deciding where you want to live is that every individual in the complex has their own lease. You, as a resident, are not responsible for anyone else due to the separate lease feature The Verge has to offer. You are not responsible in anyway for your roommates and their possible living conditions and/or decisions. 

Not only does the cost of your apartment cover the necessities within your complex but it also provides amazing amenities for its residents. These include a computer lab, tavern-style game room, 24-hour fitness center, indoor tanning, a clubhouse, coffee bistro, outdoor grills, fire pits, a resort style pool, on-site parking, a basketball court and a dog park. 

Living at The Verge has made me nothing but happy.  The staff along with the fellow residents are very friendly and considerate, especially when it comes to anything with your living situation, maintenance within the apartment or other concerns. The Verge is located only a few blocks away from the university, making the commute to and from school fast and easy. The pricing is worth every penny, given that the apartments include everything needed for one to be comfortable and cozy.