Observation Deck Jan. 23

Cassandra Hays, Editor-in-Chief

Hey Wildcats! Thanks for picking up this week’s issue of The Observer! We’re excited to be printing our first 16-page issue of the quarter with a new group of staff reporters, photographers and copy editors. As always, If there’s ever something you’d like to see covered, email us at [email protected] Our goal is to incorporate as many different topics, cultures and voices as we can.

On Monday, the U.S. celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. day. This day is more than just a day off from school and work; It’s a day for reflection and to honor the life and accomplishments of Martin Luther King Jr. and his fight for equality. Students and faculty marched through campus on Monday to honor Dr. King and his legacy. Flip to our center spread to discover what King’s legacy means to students and faculty at CWU.

In the news section, discover how students feel about the permanent ban on vaping products proposed by Gov. Inslee.

Ever wondered about the story behind the exotic animals who live in Science I? Check out the scene section, where you can also read more about the upcoming opening of the Rodeo Hall of Fame in a new location downtown.

In sports, learn about the four new members being inducted into CWU Athletics’ Hall of Fame, bringing the total number of inductees 200. Want to get outside more this winter? You can read about the various trips and equipment OPR has to offer, including avalanche preparedness training.

In the opinion section, columnist Nicholas Tucker discusses the inevitability of a Green New Deal and Teagan Kimbro argues that Americans have gotten too comfortable.

Jan. 29 is National Student Press Freedom Day. Student journalists around the country are facing censorship issues of all kinds, from content control to being pressured not to publish stories on controversial topics. 14 states, including Washington, have passed New Voices laws which protect First Amendment press rights of student journalists. Jan. 29 is a day where we can celebrate the contributions of student journalists around the country and reflect on the importance of our First Amendment rights. 

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