Club Council creates Funds Council

Will Ortner, Staff Reporter

On Nov. 13 CWU Club Council wrapped up one of their last meetings of the fall quarter. ASCWU VP of Clubs Ashley Klippert led a meeting that touched on the brand new Funds Council, as well as future events that the clubs were excited to preview.

Earlier in the quarter, Klippert and Michael Middleton, student engagement coordinator, pitched their idea of a Funds Council to help allocate the money for the clubs in the most cost-efficient way. The different club representatives were then allowed to vote and create the Funds Council exactly the way that they thought was best.

After the Club Council felt that they had created their Funds Council, they had representatives volunteer to be a part of the initial council. According to Middleton, the volunteers were then put through a training process so that they could properly understand how the pitches worked. This way, they could ask the right questions to get the answers they needed so that they knew the pitches inside and out.

Meghan Rochelle

The team of representatives then got to hear the pitches from different clubs for things that the clubs want to put on or events that they wanted to go to. So far, the Funds Council representatives have already met with at least five different clubs. Klippert feels that the smaller group forFunds Council creates room for more dialogue than in the past.

“They have actual meaningful conversations about each (pitch), and they get a time and a space to do it rather than rushing through it,” Klippert said.

Of their $90,000 budget, the Funds Council is still helping allocate over $87,000 to the clubs who come to them with their pitches. Middleton noticed an immediate difference in how Funds Council allocated their funds to the clubs.

“The goal is to run out of money, but the way that I talked to the representatives about it is to run out of money in the most equitable and efficient way possible,” Middleton said.

At the beginning of next quarter, the Club Council will meet and vote again on who they believe should represent the Funds Council. Members who want to run for Funds Council representative will present their idea themselves for the position. Afterwards the Club Council representatives vote on who will be on the council.

Those who become Funds Council representatives will serve for the quarter. They will then have the ability to decide in spring quarter if they want to run again.

Club representatives spoke among each other about future events that would be coming up in fall and winter quarter. Those who were interested said they would inform their clubs to see if anyone would attend the different events.