ASCWU talks events, diversity

Matt Escamilla, Staff Reporter

ASCWU and other council members are nearing the end of their first quarter as a cabinet. Fall quarter has allowed them to get on-the-job training while also gaining clarity on what they want to accomplish during the 2019 academic year.

Vice Chair of the Services and Activities Fee Council Edgar Carreno said educating students on how to get involved is key.  

“I feel like there is a lack of knowledge of ways to get involved. We got a bunch of committees … finding new ways to spread that knowledge to students on campus as well as at our extended learning centers,” Carreno said. 

Meghan Rochelle

ASCWU Executive Vice President Alejandro Alcantar said students at times complain about events that go on around campus, but they won’t participate in committees to turn those complaints into positive change. 

Student Life and Facilities VP Mickael Candelaria said being involved in on-campus clubs is how students can make a difference and help ASCWU. 

“I think the largest catalyst for change on this campus that a lot of students don’t truly realize [are] committees. We have about 35 committees underneath ASCWU,” Candelaria said. 

Alcantar said he plans to keep recruiting students to fill open committee seats during winter quarter and beyond. 

“There is really a lot of power behind student voices,” Alcantar said. 

Candelaria also said by getting involved with happenings around CWU, it allowed him to make an impact.  

“I didn’t really know anybody here so it was me stepping out of my shell out of my comfort zone to try something new to hopefully make new connections,” Candelaria said.

Equity and Community Affairs officer Jessica Hernandez said making sure the conversation of a multicultural center continues on is important because it will provide potential services that CWU currently doesn’t have. One of those services is advisors for undocumented students.

“They don’t receive financial aid, they receive [Washington Application for State Financial Aid], but even then that’s still not enough to cover all the expenses of school … We really just need somebody here on campus that will guide these people, this community of undocumented students,” Hernandez said. 

Alcantar mentioned a subcommittee within the Services and Activities Committee will look closer into how money is being spent by students that were granted money for conferences or events that require airfare and hotel costs. He said there have been situations where the Services and Activities Committee wondered if certain departments could have saved money in certain areas of travel, like hotel or airfare costs. The committee also wondered if departments could have spent more in certain areas to increase student safety during their stay in another city. 

Edgar Carreno,vice chair of service and activities said the committee has currently received just under $204,000 worth of funding requests.

Clubs & Organizations VP Ashley Klippert has a message for students who may feel uncomfortable visiting the ASCWU officers.

“Don’t feel uncomfortable coming here. We have these crazy titles, but we’re also students at the end of the day,” Klippert said. 

According to Klippert, attending the club council meeting is a good way to make sure club members voices are being heard. 

“That’s why we have our club council meetings is because we want to hear what [students] need from the school to make it a better place for them and make it so they want to be here,” Klippert said. 

For those who feel it’s too late to join a club or get involved with CWU activities, it’s not. 

“It will make you want to be here more as a student once you find that group of people that will support you that you’ll support. Its just a bouncing back of support, it’ll keep you going,” Klippert said. 

According to Executive Director of Student Involvement Jeff Rosenberry, the club senate and student academic senate have representatives on the newly created funds council which started this fall. Rosenberry said the funds council is designed to streamline the funding process for student academic senate and club senate. The planning for the new council started in the spring and summer of last year.

Candelaria said he is hoping to launch a new student life event called Wildcat Wednesday in the beginning of winter quarter. He hopes students and staff will wear CWU gear. 

“I think it’ll be a great event and opportunity especially for faculty and staff to also wear Central gear,” Candelaria said.

Candelaria says student government will be out in public at the SURC table area on Wednesdays giving out free gifts to students who wear CWU gear.