Sports opportunity off the field

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Sports opportunity off the field

Austin Lane, Senior Sports Reporter

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According to CWU’s website, there are over 135 majors offered at CWU. For students that are interested in sports, there are multiple options for choosing a major that pertains to sports in some fashion. 

One sports major that is offered at CWU is sport management. Sport management breaks down into three different specializations. These include coaching, recreation management and sport business. 

“Things are more specialized. I think that is a big reason why there is such an emphasis on preparing students for the sport industry specifically,” Program Coordinator and Assistant Professor Sean Dahlin said. 

In the past, students that wanted to work in the sport industry didn’t have specific sports degrees to choose from. Dahlin said many of them would major in business or communication. With the increased interest in sports over the past couple decades, more jobs in the sport industry have been created and thus, so have specialized degrees within the field of sports.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), coaches and scouts will see a 13% employment growth between 2016 and 2026. BLS also predicts that agents and business managers of artists, performers and athletes are expected to see a growth of 5% to 9% during that same time.

According to Forbes, the sports market in North America is expected to reach $73.5 billion in 2019, up from its $60.5 billion value in 2014. 

With the increase of interest in sports, Dahlin also sees an increase in the passion in students majoring in sports as well.

“On the academic side, I think it’s pretty clear that that’s the case,” Dahlin said. “A lot of universities are saying that if you start a sport management program, a lot of students are interested in doing that major, minor or master’s degree, whatever it may be.” 

Another sports major that is offered at CWU is physical education and school health. Associate Chair and Assistant Professor Brian McGladrey believes teaching sport degrees to students matters because sports continue to be more important in society.

“From the following of professional sport leagues, to the purchasing and wearing of apparel associated with sport, to engaging in activities that are sport related … sport has its place in the fabric of our society,” McGladrey said.

According to the CWU Physical Education, School Health and Movement Studies pages, the department is dedicated to empowering CWU students through lifelong learning, the advancement of knowledge, and community engagement.

Another sports major offered   at CWU is dance. Sports minors that are offered include athletic training, dance performance, dance teaching, coaching, physical activity and recreational programming and sport business. Sports master’s programs offered include Master of Science Health and Physical Education and Master of Athletic Administration Specialization.

“My number one goal as a professor is to have students leave a class at the end of the quarter in some way different than when they started,” McGladrey said. “That difference can be a result of increased knowledge, different perspectives or philosophies based on the knowledge they gained or having been exposed to the philosophies and perspectives of others.”