Athletes grind in the summertime


Athletes are getting ready for a summer of physical training as they prepare for 2019-20 athletic seasons.

Bryce Weedman, Senior Sports Reporter

The last whistle blown, and the last game-winning shot. Every season ends eventually, but for athletes, the training never stops. The academic year comes to an end in June, but what do athletes do during the summer?

For some athletes, summer is a break and a vacation. Like other students it is their time away from school after a long academic year. For others, it is time to get stronger as athletes and gain ground on their competitors. Men’s rugby hooker sophomore Chase Capiti said summer is the time to start grinding and get better. Capiti said he doesn’t want to get lazy, and for him it is all about eating right and doing workouts that will help make him stronger and faster come next season.

“Just eating and dieting right is important, but running a lot to stay in shape is very important too,” Capiti said. “There are points where you want to relax, but you know that you have to make sacrifices if you want to be elite at the top.”

According to the National Institute for Fitness and Sport (NIFS) website, there are positives when it comes to summertime training. The weather is better so there are more opportunities for training than in winter time. According to the NIFS website, most athletes have been trying to juggle school, work, games and training all year, so when it comes to the summertime, athletes are ready to change up their routines.

Junior women’s basketball guard Alexis Pana said she will be staying in Ellensburg this summer to pursue an internship, so she will have to focus on that. However, she will have to stay in shape. Pana said she will be working with strength and condition coach Eric Hoium. Pana believes this will allow her to stay on track for next season. Pana will workout three times per week and practice basketball to keep her game ready for next season.

“My goal is to get between 500 to 1000 shots per week so I can get ready for next year,” Pana said.

Sophomore women’s basketball forward Kassidy Malcolm said that even though the team is out of season right now, she will still lift three days a week and attend open gym and practices. Malcolm said that after the spring time it is all on the players to stay ready for next season, so she will also be shooting 500 to 1000 shots per week. Malcolm said that the team will offer lifting coaching during the summer and if players do not stay in Ellensburg for the summer then the lifting coach will give them workout packets to go by while they are back home.

“I plan to stay in shape this summer by going to those workouts and shooting on my own time,” Malcolm said. “Making sure my cardio is in good shape as well by running sprints throughout the summer.”

Competitive Edge’s website says that there are five key tips to stay in shape for athletes in the summer. The first is to stay on schedule. Create a schedule for yourself during the summer and make sure you are sticking to it. The second is to keep up with your training. It is okay to take a vacation, but don’t let your strength and endurance slip away in your off time so find a balance. The third is to remember to get your sleep. It is easy to stay out in the summertime, but you need to give your body rest. The fourth is to fuel your body with the right nutrients. Don’t put bad food into your body just because it is summer time. The final tip from Competitive Edge’s website is to stay in contact with your coach. Staying in contact with your coach could help keep you motivated and give you someone to hold you accountable.