Sports complex project awaits next phases


The sports complex project began with the renovation of Tomlinson Stadium and the plan is to add two additional facilities. Athletics is waiting for more funding to move on with the second and third phases of the project.

Bryce Weedman, Senior Sports Reporter

Phase two and three of the CWU complex project do not have a set start date due to the lack of funding, but the university knows what the end goal should look like, according to Athletic Director Dennis Francois. Students, faculty and alumni had the chance to experience the newly updated Tomlinson Stadium in its first football season.

According to Francois, the updated turf, entrances and all other facilities, including the Wildcat Plaza, made many feel a sense of pride when going to the renovated stadium.

Donors and past alumni were a big part of the first phase coming to life, giving tens of thousands of dollars to the project. Francois said that on top of the newly renovated stadium the university was able to build a brand new state-of-the-art track and multipurpose field which allows for student use during the day and night, along with intramural use.

“We probably rank right up there with some of the best track and fields in the state right now, and we hope we can use that for meets for high school and college meets in the future,” Francois said.

Francois said overall the university and the community were very happy with the result. Phase one of the project isn’t complete yet. There are still a few things that will be done, like the permanent stands. Associate Athletic Director for External Affairs Tyler Unsicker said the process for phase one is still underway, but there is a need for funding.

“We have the space for permanent stands on the opposite side of Tomlinson Stadium, and we are ready to put them in once we get the money for it,” Unsicker said.

Where the current throwing area for track and field is, there will be an indoor soccer field with a track around it will be added. It will be used for indoor sports when the weather does not allow for the use of outdoor facilities. The third and final phase will be a multipurpose stadium connected to the back of Tomlinson Stadium. According to Francois, this stadium will allow for a new and improved home for sports like basketball, volleyball and indoor events like concerts and commencement.

“Before the renovation to Tomlinson, if there wasn’t a Wildcat logo painted at the middle of the field, you might have thought you were at some high school field,” Francois said. “Now there is a sense of identity that you know you are at [CWU].” According to Francois, the hope is that all three phases help better identify athletics at CWU. Francois believes this will allow for schools to bid on the use of our amenities and grow the population and the positive things that the community can produce.