Bryce’s Hot Take: Tiger Woods is the greatest comeback story of all time

Bryce Weedman, Senior Sports Reporter

After Tiger ‘Eldrick’ Woods won his fifth green jacket in early April, so much rushed to my mind. Woods had been winless in majors in an 11 year time span. Not since the 09’ U.S. Open had Woods added to that pile of major championships. It was like we were just all waiting for the old Tiger to return. In 2018, Woods held a share of the lead in the British open, and we all held are breath. Is this it? Tigers fifteenth major. Then he came up short after making some late round mistakes. Then it was Woods and Koepka going head to head at the U.S. Open in 2018, and once again we thought this was his time. Once again we saw Woods fall short.

Woods won the PGA Tour championship in September, 2018. As he putted in his last shot and gave that classic Tiger fist pump, we all fist pumped with him. That wasn’t even close to how big winning his fifth green jacket was. Not only did he get even closer to Jack Nicklaus’s record eighteen majors, but he did it in such Tiger fashion. Let’s look at his timeline. The sex scandal comes out publicly, and then Woods attends sex therapy. Woods goes through four back surgeries. Then there is the DUI. Finally, he goes through back fusion surgery. I mean the guy has been humiliated publicly, broken spiritually, physically beaten down, and yet he still finds a way to win probably one of the most memorable tournaments of all time. Tiger Woods is the G.O.A.T. Tom Brady who? No, listen to me, Tiger ‘Eldrick’ Woods is the greatest of all time.


Until next week, Bryce Weedman