Intramurals kick off B season


B season of intramural sports began on April. 22. Flag football and volleyball were traded out for softball, outdoor soccer and basketball.

Bryce Weedman, Senior Sports Reporter

The second half of spring intramurals is here, and the recreation team is prepared to give the best experience to participating students, according to Coordinator of Intramurals and Special Events Jordan Bishop. mentions that the recreation team has decided to stagger its intramural seasons. Each quarter will have an A season and a B season which will allow for more facility space and staffing so that CWU Recreation can offer participants better times to play. Spring’s B season is among us, and that means that soccer, basketball and softball have started. Bishop said there are some things to emphasize, like dodgeball not getting enough registration.

Soccer will be an Elite Sport this spring. Each quarter one intramural sport is offered as an Elite Sport. This sport will be tracked with statistics for each of the games. This means participants will be able to see their rank against their competitors. The statistics will show things like points scored, assists and blocks. Along with Elite Sports, the recreation team will continue to post their weekly matchups on Instagram.  They will spotlight two players from two teams and post a pregame preview on Instagram, then a post game comparison, according to Bishop.

“The posts where we feature [students] are by far and above the posts that get the most interactions,” Bishop said. “They definitely like to see their friends. They like to see themselves, plus it just unfolds the story more of intramural sports.”

One of the goals for recreation is to continue growing their social media and online presence. Bishop said they have continued to get better at spreading news of intramurals, and the growth is in the numbers. Back in 2016-17, recreation’s social media was getting 10.7 likes per post on average. In 2017-18 the average likes per post went up to 23 likes. Now the average likes per post are at 26.5, according to the data that Bishop keeps track of. Each year there has been a jump in social media following. Bishop attributes a lot of that to the fact that recreation decided to dedicate a full time marketing position for intramurals.This has allowed for recreation to spend more time on making social media more of a priority.

“I think the quality of our content is improving. I think we have better outreach, and our outreach efforts have been improving and then obviously the style of our content has changed as well,” Bishop said. “This is my second year, and it’s something I’m really proud of.”

Senior Mitchell Dorman is doing his senior internship for recreation. He has some ideas about expanding intramural sports with one more sport. Disk golf is something that Dorman is very passionate about. Dorman said there is an increasing interest, and growth in the sport. Dorman has brought the idea to recreation’s attention, and hopes to make it happen.

“My dream is to set disk golf as an intramural sport. It’s not going to be this year. This year is over,” Dorman said. “Next spring, the weather is nice, and we have the equipment for it.”