Opinion: WrestleMania 35 begins hot, ends cold


Austin Lane, Staff Reporter

WrestleMania 35 last Sunday surprisingly began with the Universal Championship match between part-time wrestler Brock Lesnar and The Architect Seth Rollins. WWE finally took Brock off the belt and gave it to a wrestler that is there all the time (probably a good move for Vince McMahon). The match itself was pretty short, and three straight curbstomps by Rollins got him the belt. This match was a good opener to get everyone excited for the night but it looks like Brock’s career is running short.

Match Grade: 7/10

AJ Styles vs. Randy Orton was a letdown. Too abrupt of an ending and only one RKO from Orton. Also there was nothing riding on this match. No emotion.

Match Grade: 4/10

The smackdown tag team championship Fatal 4-Way was a great match, giving the Usos back the belt. The Bar (Cesaro and Sheamus) put on a good show and I’m glad the young tag team of Aleister Black and Ricochet got good screen time, they deserved a push.

Match Grade: 9/10

Shane McMahon didn’t kill himself this year, that’s always good. Of course the Miz had to throw McMahon off of something tall or it wouldn’t be a WrestleMania. A shocking ending with how McMahon got an unintended pin in the falls count anywhere stipulation as well. Also, Miz’s father George Mizani had his WrestleMania moment, albeit if it was just getting beat up by Shane.

Match Grade: 5/10

The women’s Fatal 4-Way tag team championship match was tough to watch and seemed like a time filler for the next match to come in the event.

Match Grade: 3/10

And that next match was the match of the night, between Daniel Bryan and Kofi Kingston. Bryan is still a good heel and Kingston is the face that deserves the WWE belt the most. They are such good wrestlers and put on a great show in this match. I was expecting The New Day to turn on Kingston after the match because they’ve been together for so long but was glad they didn’t after it was all said and done.

Match Grade: 10/10

The US Championship between Rey Mysterio and Samoa Joe was just… sad. It seems to be that Mysterio had an injury and they made a last second decision to cut this one short. I expect them to have a similar feud in the future because it has potential to be as big as Mysterio and Batista used to be.

Match Grade: 2/10

Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre was the next match. Reigns defeated cancer to come back for this match, but here’s the thing. People are glad that the person, Joe Anoa’i, defeated cancer, but WWE fans still aren’t happy with the character Roman Reigns, and that showed Sunday night. No crowd pops, no excitement, and no life to this match.

Match Grade: 4/10

Then everything changed. John Cena interrupted Elias as his old gimmick “Thuganomics.” This is…shocking to say the least. I never thought that I would ever see Cena in his heel form again. Many fans boo Cena just for the fact that he’s been a face for so long in the WWE and is just a merchandise seller. I think the WWE has finally realized that the era of face Cena is ready for an end, as The New Day and Seth Rollins have potential to sell more merchandise to kids. This potential heel move pleases many WWE fans that are about 18 to 30-years-old and some even older now.

Triple H and Batista was an alright match. The crowd was dead and people just don’t really enjoy two old men fighting anymore. When the most memorable moment was pulling a nose ring out… it wasn’t the greatest wrestling match in the world. This one would’ve been better 5-10 years ago.

Match Grade: 6/10

The next match was Kurt Angle’s final match. Against Baron Corbin… unfortunately. Corbin did not deserve to be Angle’s final opponent and Angle did not deserve to lose in a short match to end his career. I was expecting someone to come out and interrupt, maybe Cena again. But nothing happened, and the match was very mediocre.

Match Grade: 3/10

The main event was the triple threat winner-take-all between Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey. For the amount of hype and buildup they gave to this fight, that ending was horrible. Becky Lynch has been getting a super hard push lately and deserved to end

WrestleMania with a huge crowd pop. But that never happened, due to the length of the event (7.5 hours) and the way the match ended with the referee giving a three count when Rousey’s shoulders came up off the mat.

Match Grade: 7/10

If you made this event four hours and put the first half of the event as the second half, ending with Kingston winning, it would have been one of the better WrestleMania’s ever. The WWE had a chance to create something special, and fell just short.