San D. Francisco campaign thanks CWU


These chairs are to remain unoccupied to honor the soldiers that didn’t come home. One chair will be sent to the Veterans Center at CWU and the other will split its time between the different CWU ROTC departments.

Jack Belcher, News Editor

The San D. Francisco Awareness Campaign provided two symbolic chairs to CWU to honor the sacrifice of POW/MIA soldiers. The campaign was represented at CWU by Terri Francisco-Farrell, sister of Major San D. Francisco who has been listed as MIA since 1968. CWU ROTC accepted these gifts in a small ceremony on Friday, April 5 on the second floor of Lind Hall. Major Francisco was a 1966 graduate of CWU, and was on the 1963 football team, where he was inducted into the CWU Hall of Fame.

Vietnamese witnesses say that Major Francisco and the pilot of the F-4 Phantom fighter-bomber were shot down over former North Vietnam. Witnesses then observed the pilot and Francisco being captured by Vietnam forces. Francisco appeared to have two broken legs, and when he was being taken away he was hit by shrapnel from American bombs and was killed. His remains have yet to be recovered due to the difficulty in finding the location.

The chairs that the campaign presented to CWU will be sent to two locations. One will be going to the Veterans Center at CWU while the other will be passed between the different ROTC departments on campus.

Francisco-Farrell thanked CWU for everything that the university has done. She said that if it was not for their help several projects would not have happened. She also said that the library is doing an archival project on her brother, so anyone can learn more about his life.