ASCWU warns about Patriot Prayer

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ASCWU warns about Patriot Prayer

ASCWU has an open public meeting in the SURC Pit every Monday.

ASCWU has an open public meeting in the SURC Pit every Monday.

ASCWU has an open public meeting in the SURC Pit every Monday.

ASCWU has an open public meeting in the SURC Pit every Monday.

Ben Wheeler, Online/Social Media Manager

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A warning about an Ellensburg and CWU campus visit by the controversial group Patriot Prayer later this weekend (Friday and Saturday) was issued by the ASCWU Student Government during their April 1 public meeting. Topics discussed also included announcements of several events and the approval of the new Student Academic Senate constitution.

Patriot Prayer

ASCWU President Edith Rojas announced the expected presence of the group, identified as Patriot Prayer later in the meetings, during her official report.

“They just have a history of being provoking and having negativity associated with them,” Rojas said.

Rojas recommended that students and others on campus avoid the group and not pay them any attention. She advised students to take in the weekend by engaging in Wildcat Day on Saturday or in other activities that allow them to take in what is expected to be beautiful weather.

ASCWU Clubs and Organizations VP Bailey Kinker said it is expected that Patriot Prayer will be demonstrating outside The Tav at night during their Ellensburg stay, as well as participating in a night march.  Kinker advised that students who are easily provoked may want to avoid the area while the group is in town. Kinker said the group’s demonstrations will be concerning second amendment rights.

Just before the conclusion of the meeting, S&A Parliamentarian Eric Bennett reminded students to not engage the group, as well to understand the group is being allowed to demonstrate in the area.

“This is a free speech place,” Bennett said. “They have a right to come here, as long as they’re following the rules of the campus.”

Student Academic Senate Constitution

ASCWU also voted to approve a new Student Academic Senate (SAS) Constitution and new bylaws during the April 1 meeting. This constitution and the new bylaws are to be shorter and more concise, according to Nancy Montiel, assistant to and speaking on behalf of  Claire-Ann Grepo, VP of academic affairs.

Bennett said the old constitution and bylaws were long, so it was decided to remove redundant language through the implementation of the new constitution.  Also changed was how senators are elected to the Club Senate. Usually clubs or organizations (those recognized by ASCWU) elect a senator from each club to the senate. However, now that process has been abolished in favor of one that has the senators being appointed by department chairs, with approval of the choices coming from the ASCWU. Bennett added that the new constitution favors a committee structure that is more voluntary oriented instead of punitively motivated.

“We created the position of Parliamentarian, to make the organization run more fluidly,” Bennett said.

Upcoming Events

ASCWU Executive Vice President Kane LeMasters announced a first ever end-of-year banquet for ASCWU to recognize incoming board members, as well as others that assist ASCWU in various positions. It will be on May 28, tentatively planned from 5:30 -7:30 p.m.

Kinker said the Spring Club Fair will be on May 8, and that they have 50 spots max in the fair. In order to get a spot for a club, a member will need to send an email to [email protected]


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