Bar update: additions, replacements and remodels

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Bar update: additions, replacements and remodels

The Mule is a brand new addition to the Ellensburg bar scene. They are most popular for their
Moscow Mule beverages.

The Mule is a brand new addition to the Ellensburg bar scene. They are most popular for their Moscow Mule beverages.

The Mule is a brand new addition to the Ellensburg bar scene. They are most popular for their Moscow Mule beverages.

The Mule is a brand new addition to the Ellensburg bar scene. They are most popular for their Moscow Mule beverages.

Skyler Jensen-Hampton, Staff Reporter

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The new year has added a fresh look to the Ellensburg restaurant and bar scene. Different bars and eateries around town have opened, been replaced or remodeled.

The Pearl Bar and Grill

Starlight Lounge closed last year, and the spot has been for vacant for some time. On Jan. 16, the Pearl opened up in the space where Starlight used to be.

The owner Blake Collins wants to provide a “dining experience.”

“I want to bring something new to this town,” Collins said.

Blake Collins was a former bartender and server at the Starlight before they permanently closed.

”I had heard that the community missed the Starlight and I thought I would come in and try and bring it back,” Collins said. “Starlight used to be a starting point for a lot of college students. They would go to Starlight before they would head at to Blue Rock and 301, and I hope the Pearl will be that as well.”

The Pearl has specials throughout the week.

Shooters 2.0

A remodel of Shooters 2.0, a bar located on 5th Ave, took place early in the new year.

Michael Morgan is the owner of the bar.

“Every year we do a new look and change, a little spice to Shooters,” Morgan said.

Shooters is a place where you can drink, play board games and video games.

“The biggest change to the remodel is adding in the pool tables and tabletop gaming. I wanted to give Shooters a more active feel to it, and adding the pool tables can do that,” Morgan said.

Over the course of the last few weeks, Morgan has received positive feedback from his customers.

“Good response on Facebook, overall they are excited about the pool tables,” Morgan said.

Shooters will be having a few more changes as in the next month they are bringing back their “serendripity kitchen” something they had years ago and are looking forward to bringing back.

“Shooters is a place where everyone can come and bond and feel a sense of community,” Morgan said.

The Mule Cocktail Bar

The Mule Cocktail Bar is brand new to Ellensburg. It is co-owned by Sarah Beauchamp and Russell Colmore, and located on 4th Ave. Their grand opening was on Jan. 4th and they had a “line around the corner of people waiting.”

“Even though we were swamped people were very patient and just wanted to be here,” Colmore said.

The feedback they have received from customers has been positive.

“People feel relaxed, don’t have a rush to leave, drinks are good, and so is the food,” Colmore said.

The Mule has food, but they are not a restaurant, they are a cocktail bar. There is open seating and they do not take reservations.

“We have received a warm welcome from the Ellensburg community and we couldn’t be happier,” Beauchamp said.

The Mule is known for their Mule beverages, but they also offer specialty cocktails. The most popular speciality cocktails are the “Muletini” and “4th Ave Sour,” according to Beauchamp. The Mule offers burgers, shepherd’s pie, and skillet options.

Ellensburg Brewery and Tilted Tree Cidery

Ellensburg Brewery and Tilted Tree Cider opened up three months ago and is owned by Jim Rowe. The brewery offers German inspired food and a variety of beer and ciders.

“The Ellensburg Brewery is celebrating the history of brewing beer in Kittitas county,” Rowe said. “We are getting ready to start brewing beer in about three weeks.”

The Tilted Tree Cidery carries all gluten free beer and has a variety of cider including American Apple, Blueberry Buzz, and the seasonal cider Rudolph’s Redemption. According to Rowe, the Ellensburg Brewery is one of the very few breweries in the United States that provide cider, beer, and a full cocktail selection along with food.

“We want to make drinks that include our ciders and beers in the making of the cocktail, but at the same time we want to be able to make you a really good whiskey on the rocks,” Rowe said.

The brewery is popular among many different groups of people.

“We get a good mix of college students, locals, and travelers,” Rowe said. “We want to bring the community together.”

Ellensburg Brewery and Tilted Tree Cidery are located at 206 N Main St.

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