Incoming freshman set to arrive on campus throughout the summer for orientation visits

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Since 1892, Central Washington University has been serving students in Ellensburg.

Since that year, Central has seen an increase in the number of students enrolled each year. Central is projecting that around 1450 to 1500 incoming freshmen will arrive in the Fall of 2013, though students are still in process of confirming.

Two orientation sessions have already been held, with the second concluding after today.

Four more sessions will occur throughout the rest of July, the next one being held July 11-12, followed by three more every at the beginning of each week.

Each department holds a large number of majors, but the college of Sciences is becoming the largest college on campus. Through surveys and polls, the CWU orientation department has received feedback on what students expect from attending.

From the answers received from the incoming students, officials were able to find out that students are expecting several things when they begin their collegiate experience.

CWU has small classes, so the expectation for the professors is to know each of his or her students and their abilities well and have one-on-one assistance in class. Incoming students also expect that their major will be available when they have the chance to declare. A third expectation is that the school and city will hold up its image of being a low-crime place to live.

“They expect a service friendly environment,” said Richard DeShields, Central Washington University’s Associate Dean of Student Living.

There are pillars that the orientation department follows to ensure a smooth transition for freshmen. First, the students are given a tour of the campus so they are immediately comfortable with the scope and size of the area. Next, they have the chance to visit some of the more beautiful venues around Ellensburg.

Second, students are informed of how they can become successful and remain dedicated to their education in a university setting. This includes teaching students about how difficult a college workload is and their student rights. The orientation visit also allows an opportunity to network with future peers and connections, which may aid them upon their arrival.

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Incoming freshman set to arrive on campus throughout the summer for orientation visits