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Sarah Hoot, Editor in Chief

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Attention all Wildcats! This is the last issue of the quarter for the Observer. I know it is very sad but I am sure you will get through the next week without us. Winter quarter has been crazy for us and I am sure for you as well. We saw an opinion on the cover, a huge investigation as a double truck and so many other enterprising and newsy stories.

I know that I did a little promo for something last week but I really want to take a second and promote YOUR campus newspaper: The Observer. The paper that sits on those blue newstands across campus and puts out social media posts about the stories we write each week. If you are reading this deck, then you are awesome! But there is so much more that you can do to help us out. Sharing stories on social media, picking up papers and going to the website are all great ways to help get us out around campus and to even more people.

If you really want to get involved you should consider joining our staff. Now, you may be thinking, “well, I am not very good at writing.” To that I say, HA! We will teach you how to become a better writer, which will give you experience writing something other than papers (also if you are a creative writing major I am pretty sure you can use this as a practicum credit). If you really don’t like writing, there are still opportunities for you here at the Observer. We have photographers, copy editors (perfect for people who love to correct grammar) and we are looking for a graphic designer to help design the double trucks (that two page spread in the middle of the paper).

Being a part of a newspaper is a great experience. Sure it is stressful at times but you learn so much from it and come out knowing more about the industry than when you started. This issue is going to be my last as the Editor in Chief of the Observer, but the relationships that I have made throughout my time here at the paper have been awesome. I have made so many good friends and met tons of new and interesting people from all over campus. Being a part of the paper is more than just writing stories and interviewing sources, it is also about making friends (as cheesy as that sounds). And if that is not enough to convince you to join, we are also an award winning paper. After this last conference we won fifth place in best in show and third place for small school website. In the past we have won first place in best in show several times along with many other awards. We take pride in our work and we strive to make sure that we are putting out a first place quality paper.

There is no prerequisite to join the Observer and you don’t have to be a journalism (or even a communications) major to join. If you take this class you can get one to three credits and the course number is COM 486. Whether you have no experience or a ton of experience, I would urge you to try us out just for a quarter. There is always room for people to join and we will welcome everyone!

Have a great spring break everyone! Make good choices! And we will see you in a few weeks!

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