Evening of recognition acknowledges exemplary students and staff

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by JULIA MARTINEZ, staff reporter

Last Wednesday night at the 16th Annual Evening of Recognition, 33 students, staff and faculty were recognized for their contributions to the university and were presented with awards.

Three students, Brock Wolitarsky, Jacqueline Korn and Ryan Gregson each left the SURC ballroom with two awards each.

Wolitarsky, a history major, was the recipient of the Student Academic Senate Award and the Provost/Academic & Student Life Vice Presidential Student Award.

“I walk in the SURC with him and he turns like 30 heads and I can’t talk to him for more than two seconds because everyone who knows Brock is bound to love him,” said Jaclyn Sperlich, head of the Student Academic Senate.

Recipient of the CWU Student Employee of the Year Award and Business and Financial Affairs Vice Presidential Award, there was much to say about Korn and her accomplishments. Korn works in the office of grants, contracts, investments and fixed assets accounts and plans to pursue a fifth year study in a master of professional accountancy program.

Gregson, also a history major, received the Student Success Dean’s Award and College of Arts and Humanities Dean’s Award for planning workshops and events, such as the Amazing Race event and the Grow Campaign, which aims to put a stop to child hunger.

“From the moment he arrived in Ellensburg, Ryan has jumped into involvement on campus and in the community,” said Dean of Student Success, Sarah Swager.

Halfway through the night, the Associated Students of CWU Board of Directors took their oath of office.

“What I’m really looking to do is improve student engagement with the BOD, I think it’s very critical that we have an environment within the BOD where students can approach us and we can address their concerns,” said newly elected BOD president, Bryan Elliott.

There were two recipients of the Associate Dean of Student Development award, Saeed Mohamed and Arturo Arellano Jr. Both were recognized for their efforts and involvement with Central’s students.

“It was an honor to receive the award, however, I could have gone without the public recognition,” Arellano said.


ASCWU Board of Directors

Bryan Elliott, Jacob Wittman, Mary Orthmann, Kelsie Miller, Spencer Flores, Scott Kazmi and Cassandra DuBore

Awards and Recipients

RHA Member of the Year Award: Karly Jo Harris

NRHH Member of the Year Award: Rachel Border

ASCWU-BOD Award: Kendra Ford

Student Academic Senate Award: Brock Wolitarsky

Organization of the Year Award: Filipino American Student Association

Club of the Year Award: Central Washington Technology Education Association

Student Serving with Integrity Award: Ryan Galindo

Most Inspirational Faculty Award: Robert Hickey

Most Inspirational Faculty Award: Blaise Dondji

Most Inspirational Staff Award: Jesse Y. Nelson

Most Inspirational Student Award: Tom Potter

CWU Student Employee of the Year Award: Jacqueline Korn

Dorothy Purser Award: Marcy Hjellum

Library Services Dean’s Award: Jillian Shafer

Associate Dean of Student Achievement Award: Celina Venegas

Associate Dean of Student Living Award: Neil Turnley

Associate Dean of Student Development Award: Saeed Mohamed

Associate Dean of Student Development Award: Arturo Arellano Jr.

Student Success Dean’s Award: Ryan Gregson

Student Success Dean’s Award: KJ Stilling

College of Arts and Humanities Dean’s Award: Ryan Gregson

College of Business Dean’s Award: Brittany Waskom

College of Education and Professional Studies Dean’s Award: Donald Galatis

College of the Sciences Dean’s Award: Troy Kilburn

Graduate Studies & Research Dean’s Award: Krista Evans

Graduate Studies & Research Dean’s Award: Andrea Blume

Business & Financial Affairs Vice Presidential Award: Jacqueline Korn

Provost/Academic & Student Life Presidential Student Award: Brock Wolitarsky

Presidential Staff Award: Kenneth G. Young

Presidential Faculty Award: Patsy Callaghan

Presidential Administrator Award: Linda Schactler

Presidential Administrator Award: Bill Yarwood

Presidential Student Award: Arthur Morken


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Evening of recognition acknowledges exemplary students and staff