Treat yo’self with kindness this week


Jack Lambert

wristbands were one of the things given out in the SURC that said words of encouragement such as “Be kind and pass it on.”

Cassandra Hays, Staff Reporter

Random Acts of Kindness is a four-day event put on by the Center for Leadership and Community Engagement (CLCE) and the Happiness Club. The Random Acts of Kindness events is part of Kindness Week, a worldwide celebration of kindness.

Monday is “Sweets and Treats” day, in which CLCE will be giving out free root beer floats. Tuesday is called “Band Together with Kindness” which will include lanyards and wristbands with uplifting sayings on them to remind the wearer to spread kindness.

“All the stuff we give out says ‘pass it on’ because we want you to pass on that kindness,” Andrew Klippert, a CLCE Program Leader, said. “What we just did for you, we want you to do for another person because that makes the world a better place. It’s not so gloomy when everyone is happy and kind.”

Wednesday, or “Sundae Fun Day,” will give students the opportunity to make their own frozen treat for free at a sundae bar. Thursday will be “Treat Yo’self with Kindness,” and students will receive pieces of candy, like Kit Kats and Hershey’s Kisses, with kindness puns on them. There will also be heart shaped bubble wrap given out as stress relief, as well as “sneaky cards.”  Students can write kind words on and slip into their friends backpacks so they can find it later.

“The purpose is to brighten peoples day because it can be stressful,” Klippert said. “When you’re happy, you project that happiness onto other people and make them happy, and it’s an exponential growth kind of thing.”

The Happiness Club also places a lot of emphasis on Kindness Week. Random Acts of Kindness is one of the most significant events for the club because it revolves around love and reaching out to the community.

“Kindness to me is doing something for someone else with no expectation that there will be something in return for you,” Jackson Wollan, treasurer of the Happiness Club, said. “I think it’s important to spread kindness and happiness around because spreading kindness around creates an inclusive environment and it allows more people to feel welcome here at Central. It’s always important to go out of your way to make someone else happier because it also in turn generates happiness for yourself.”

Camden Jones, president of the Happiness Club, said that kindness is anything someone can do to improve another person’s day.

“[Kindness] could just be saying hi to someone as you pass by or making sure that your friends are feeling alright,” Jones said.