CWU continues with demolition of CHCI and Peterson, little comment at public meeting

Eric Rosane, News Editor

Comments were few and far between at a public comment session last Thursday, Feb. 1 as CWU Facilities and Management began the next phase of demolition on the Chimpanzee and Human Communication Institute (CHCI) building and Peterson Hall.

According to Architect of Capital Planning and Projects Joanne Hillemann, the demolition of these two buildings will make way for a new 400-bed residence hall, dining facility, parking lot and a recreation facility.

The new recreation facility will include portions of the Tomlinson Stadium track, which will be removed and placed in the new facility. This will allow Tomlinson the ability to accommodate additional sports such as rugby.

Director of Auxiliary Operations, Joseph Pearson, said that within the proximity of the new residence hall, dining is a priority. According to Pearson, if the capital budget and space allows for it, CWU might possibly look into putting a C-Store within the new dining facility.  

In 2013, the last two chimpanzees at the CHCI facility were moved to a sanctuary in Ontario, Canada. The Facilities Management Department will be taking informal public comments on the demolition phases of these buildings until Feb. 15.