Anderson Hall begins transition to residence hall


Anderson Hall, which lies just north of the SURC, is known by students for it’s convenient location and in-suite ovens. Jack Lambert / The Observer.

Eric Rosane, News Editor

Anderson Hall will no longer be accepting apartment contracts beginning July 30 as CWU housing will transition Anderson into a residence hall for Fall 2018, according to an email sent out to current residents.

This move is influenced by an increase in first year students, which saw an additional 250 this fall. Opening Anderson Hall to residence hall contracts will ensure that every bed in the building is filled.

Housing will offer three options for current residents of Anderson Hall, according to the same email sent by Director of Housing Operations and Marketing Tricia Rabel.

Residents will be able to either remain in Anderson under a residence hall contract, which are rented per bed rather than room; move to other CWU housing complexes, which would provide Anderson residents priority placement amongst Student Village, Wahle, Getz-Short, or Brooklane; or find any alternative housing.

Priority applications for residents looking to stay in Anderson under the new contracts were made available Jan. 3.

Dormitory transitions like this are not uncommon for CWU, according to Rabel. Almost 12 years ago, Anderson Hall made the transition into an apartment complex from a residence hall. Now it’s making the transition back. Rabel said it’s all about repurposing buildings as the student population changes.

“Really it’s a case-by-case basis. We have some apartments that work really, really well as apartments and will probably always be apartments and not residence halls,” Rabel said. “We have other buildings [that] have been residence halls or apartment buildings, depending on the time period.”

It’s not certain yet whether Anderson will see an increase in room-and-board, according to Rabel, but prices are expected to increase. With the new residence hall contracts, students will be required to purchase a quarterly meal plan.

Reception by Anderson Hall residents has been mixed.

Junior elementary education major Sanora Booth enjoys the location that Anderson Hall offers and has never lived in a residence hall before. She said that if it weren’t for the new contracts, she would stay in Anderson.

“[There’s] too many people in a small space and I just want to be able to cook food and stuff,” Booth said. Besides parking, she said, Anderson accommodates her needs.

Booth and her roommate are thinking about moving to Wahl once their contracts are up.

Brennan Massaglia, a first year art student who lives on the second floor, just arrived from Illinois two weeks ago. He said that finding housing in Anderson Hall was an easy last resort.

Massaglia said that he’s indifferent towards the transition. He knows that the university has to do their job, especially with an increase in students.

“This seems like a little much, especially for people coming half way across the country,” Massaglia said. “Although three people to a room couldn’t be bad.”

Senior economics major Mallory Icenhower just got back last year from studying abroad. For her, finding housing at this complex was an easy last minute decision. This will be her second year living in Anderson and she’s planning on continuing her studies at CWU next year.

“I just feel like there’s less and less places to go… and I think there needs to be more affordable housing,” Icenhower said.

Icenhower lived in Kamola Hall her freshman year and said she’s undecided with where she’ll go. She said that she definitely wants to live off campus.