CDSJ adds Barge as sight for non-traditional students

Miles King, Staff Reporter


The Center for Diversity and Social Justice (CDSJ) is planning an expansion into the fourth floor of Barge Hall this December. Currently, it is located on the second floor of the SURC.

The CDSJ is expanding to accommodate the growing number of non-traditional students on campus, according to Vice President of Inclusivity and Diversity at CWU Kandee Cleary. Non-traditional students include students who are married, have children, are veterans or are older than 25 years of age.

Although they will be expanding to their second location in Barge Hall in December, the CDSJ will not be hiring any more staff.. The current staff includes four salaried members, as well as office support and student employees. Student employees in the center help with reception and programming.

The purpose and mission of the center will not be changing due to the expansion. The purpose will be to continue the advocacy of non-traditional students on campus.

“Diversity and inclusivity is a goal of the university”  Cleary said, adding that the university and center share similar goals.

The center currently hosts events revolving around Polyfest, Welcome Week and MLK Day. They will put on bigger events after the expansion with the use of their increased funding and extra space.. Students are encouraged to suggest ideas for new events, according to Cleary.

The expanded CDSJ will allow more space for students to hangout and feel included. The expansion will allow the center to become more available to not only non-traditional students, but all students.

Cleary also mentioned the long term goal of the university is to have an independently operated diversity center. At the moment there is not enough space in the SURC for an independent diversity center,  Cleary said. Until the SURC is expanded, the CDSJ will remain in its current location and in Barge Hall come December.