Morgan shines defensively for CWU

Sophomore Kyla Morgan

CWU Athletics

Sophomore Kyla Morgan

Anna Eyears, Staff Reporter

CWU Athletics
Sophomore Kyla Morgan

For Kyla Morgan, every moment on the court is an opportunity to make a difference while playing the sport she loves.

The sophomore libero began playing volleyball in the fourth grade. She credits her coach for sparking her interest in the sport.

During her high school career, Morgan knew she wanted to pursue volleyball in college. The recruitment process saw her in the mix with a number of other potential recruits in the hopes of securing a place on the team.

“You start by sending film into coaches, like [Andaya], and if they like your film they will contact you. It’s very competitive, but once you get your name out there it does get a lot easier,” Morgan said.

Two weeks ago, Morgan was named the GNAC Defensive Player of the Week. The volleyball star said she was extremely humbled by the recognition.

“That was very exciting for me,” Morgan said. “My team has been working hard and my coach has just pushed me a lot so I think it has really payed off.”

This is the first time the Graham, Washington native has received the GNAC weekly honor.

“I have been working hard and the team is definitely flowing well together, so I expect us to win a lot of games,” Morgan said.

The physical education  and student health (PESH) major is passionate about promoting a healthy lifestyle and improving the wellbeing of others. She said her volleyball career influenced her choice of major.

“It’s very important in all sports to be healthy,” Morgan said. “I just really want to make a difference in people’s lives and encourage them to be healthy.”

Post-graduation Morgan wishes to continue her involvement in volleyball in some capacity.

“I see myself coaching high school volleyball and teaching PE,” Morgan said. “I really want to be able to introduce students to different sports so they have more opportunities to find the sport they love.”

While every college athlete must balance the commitment of their sport with the demands of their academic life, Morgan emphasized the importance of prioritizing her studies while on the road.

“It’s definitely really important to talk to your teachers and get work early, but when we’re travelling we always have study hall,” Morgan said.

Morgan said one of the best things about playing on a team sport was the community she gained from it.

“I love how competitive it can be,” Morgan said. “I love being able to play with a group of girls that are my best friends.”

CWU setter Niki Cook, spoke highly of her teammate and friend.

“She’s really happy and funny,” Cook said. “She’s always telling jokes and making all of us laugh. Defensively, she’s flying around on the court, always giving her all and picking up balls that not a lot of people can get.”

Cook said being on the team together had strengthened their friendship. As is expected, the girls have developed a special bond over their mutual love of volleyball.

“On the volleyball court you have to have a certain level of trust with someone and I trust Kyla with everything, both on and off the court. ” Cook said.

Cook said the time spent together on the road held some of her best memories.

“We spend a lot of time with each other so you get to know each other really well,” Cook said. “We also share the same love for the game. It’s cool to have someone who loves it just as much as you do.”