Girl Power

CWU’s Women in STEM club creates a community for female students

Alex Palacios, Scene Reporter

Jacob Gerken
The science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields, are commonly male-dominated. The same is true here at CWU, so a group of female students created the Women in STEM club.

The club is a place for women in STEM studies to come and hang out. They only meet once a week, but they try to make those meetings fun for everyone.

They watch movies, do art projects, outreach events and just general stuff that the members think is cool.

Angie Quach, a junior computer science major, is the club secretary.

Quach was one of the first to join the club and decided to serve as secretary, since she already had experience in the role.

“I didn’t know very many women in my major until we started the club. Once we started it, I was able to meet a lot more and thought it was really cool,” Quach said.

Quach wasn’t the sole founder of Women In STEM. When asked about their interest by Deanna Marshall, a physics advisor and now advisor for the club, in the idea, several students responded positively and and thus the club started.

Marshall first contacted a few female students in the STEM fields that she thought would be interested in forming a community.

“I wanted to make sure that all the members were aware of all that was being offered to them. It was really just making a network,” Marshall said.

The purpose of Women In STEM is to create a new community and not only for students in the STEM program. The club is open to all and currently there are 15 members.

Marshall does general advising for the club and informs them on things going on in the STEM community such as scholarships, public events, or possible opportunities the members should take.

Club president Ivianne Redman, a junior biology major, leads the club in discussions and activities. She was one of the first to help make and participate in the club.

“As a biology major, I tend to see more women in my class than other STEM subjects. I was mostly on board with the idea of a support system for all the women,” Redman said.

As the club senator, Brooke Williams, a sophomore Construction Management major,  is responsible for communicating the clubs progress with other CWU clubs.

“It is kind of intimidating walking into a class and being the only girl. Once I got the email about possibly starting this club, I knew it was somewhere I wanted to be,” Williams said.

They currently have about 15 members signed up.

Anyone interested in joining Women In STEM is welcome to go. They meet every Thursday at 5:00 PM in Science II room 204.

They are very quick in their responses, so if you have any questions, you can contact them on Facebook at Women In STEM CWU.

The purpose of Women In STEM is to give people a new network and not only for students in the STEM program. The club is open to all and currently there are 15 members.