2014-2015 The Observer Staff

Adam Wilson


Adam is an ITAM and journalism major.

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Colt Sweetland

Online Editor

Colt is a journalism major. He has a particular international interest; he loves to travel,┬ámeet new... 

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Chace Davy

News Editor

Chace is an aspiring digital journalist with a passion for all things sports.

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Maria Harr

Scene Editor

Maria Harr is a junior journalism major. When she's not writing articles or fantasy short stories, she's... 

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Chance Weeks-Williams

Sports Editor

Chance Weeks-Williams is a senior print journalism major. This is his fourth quarter reporting and editing... 

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Haley Curl

Copy Desk Chief

Haley Curl is a junior journalism major and has been writing professionally for the last six years. After... 

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Derrick Clarit

Photo Editor

Derrick Clarit is a senior public relations major and advertising minor. This is his third quarter reporting... 

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Rachel Charlton

Assistant News Editor

Rachel is a sophomore broadcast journalism major. This is her fifth quarter with the Observer.

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Jonathan Glover

Assistant Scene Editor

Jonathan Glover is a junior communications major. This is his first quarter reporting for The Observer.... 

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Spencer Hansen

Assistant Sports Editor

Spencer is a senior broadcast journalism major.

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