2014-2015 The Observer Staff

Maria Harr


Maria Harr is a junior journalism major. When she's not writing articles or fantasy short stories, she's playing Dungeons and Dragons, trawling the Internet or shouting at video games.

Colt Sweetland

Online Editor

Often known as the thrill-seeker, techie and warmhearted, Colt is a journalism major with expertise in reporting, web-design, photography and videography. He is internationally-minded; loves to travel, meet new people and make someone's day. He is bilingual and hopes to have duel citizenship someday. Follow his adventures at www.coltsweetland.com

Aaron Kunkler

News Editor

Aaron is a senior journalism major with an interest in political science, particularly human rights and international relations.

Haley Curl

Scene Editor

Haley Curl is a junior journalism major and has been writing professionally for the last six years. After graduation she intends to pursue a career in news reporting and earn her masters in print journalism.

Jonathan Glover

Sports Editor

Jonathan Glover is a junior journalism major. This is his second quarter editing for The Observer. He loves playing video games and pounding away at the drums. Writing is his passion and he hopes to move to San Francisco after graduation to pursue a career in print or digital journalism.

Derrick Clarit

Photo Editor

Derrick Clarit is a senior public relations major and advertising minor. This is his fourth quarter reporting for The Observer.

Grace Lindsley

Copy Desk Chief

Grace is a senior Professional and Creative Writing major at Central Washington University. She is pursuing a career in editing and publishing. Her favorite activities are long walks on the beach and late night movie marathons.

Simone Corbett

Assistant News Editor

Simone is a sophomore print and broadcast journalism major. With a dream of one day becoming an entertainment news anchor, Simone can often be found stalking the E! News website in search of the latest celebrity gossip. Simone loves social media, Starbucks and fashion.

Kyle Fenton

Assistant Scene Editor

Kyle is a senior journalism major at CWU. He has taken an interest in marijuana related journalism since the state's implementation of recreational marijuana. In his spare time he enjoys exploring anything and everything outdoors. Once he graduates he plans to look for job opportunities in the field of magazine or print journalism, preferably working with a publication that covers marijuana reporting.