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Central looks to give Alaska the big chill

Photo by Zach Olney/Observer

Central looks to give Alaska the big chill

Photo by Zach Olney/Observer

Ellensburg preps for V-Day

Photo by Joie Sullivan/Observer


Chloe` West, Online Editor

While working at the coffee stand today, I asked a guy how his day was going, and to my surprise his answer was, “I could be much worse.”

Ever heard of Skype, Manti?

Evan Thompson, Sports Editor

Manti Te’o and the Fighting Irish received a healthy amount of scrutiny following their calamity of a performance in the 2013 BCS National Championship. 

Inaugural flaw

Jayna Smith, Assistant News Editor

 Following the custom of having a big-name star sing the national anthem at the inauguration, Beyonce belted out her rendition on Monday.  

Hall of Fame shutout

Max Bayern, Staff Reporter

 Last week, the Baseball Writers Association of America made a bold statement by not voting a single player into the Hall of Fame. The last time this happened was 1996.

What If

Jayna Smith, Assistant News Editor

If mommy would have known
This morning
That later on today she would be mourning,


Don't Jewish you could celebrate?

Jeanette Genson, Assistant Scene Editor & Danny Schmidt, Editor-in-Chief

Being Jewish is on a whole other level. 

I feel like no one quite realizes the difficulties I, and other young Jews, go through, around the holidays. 

Many of these feelings stem from the desire to just be a normal kid, with a Christmas tree in front of the window and mistletoe over my door. 

Don't be a jive turkey on Black Friday

Landan Garcia, Copy Desk Chief

Black Friday is coming to the big screen. Or maybe it’s the other way around.

Since 2005, Black Friday has held the official title of “busiest shopping day of the year.” It falls on the day after Thanksgiving, and serves as the official transition between Turkey Day and Christmas, and embodies the best and worst of capitalism as we know it. 

It's all politics

Jeanette Genson, Assistant Scene Editor

Something special happened this year. I’ll give you some clues: It only comes around once every four years, it causes lots of controversy and is one of the busiest days for stamp sales. No, the answer is not leap year—it’s an election year. 

For some of us, this was the first time we had the opportunity to vote. It’s an important part of growing up and a vital staple of our society, but I feel like there are some parts of the political world people should know, and I’m all too happy to share them.

Better late than never

Danny Schmidt, Editor-in-Chief

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg made the correct decision canceling the New York City Marathon last week. He just made it too late. 

Hurricane Sandy has caused such havoc on the East Coast, the marathon was bound to be cancelled, but it should have been called off more than two days prior to the race. 

Technical difficulties

Santos Herrera, News Editor

It’s plain and simple: Technology rules the world. 

People pay their bills, read the news, order food, shop and communicate through various devices every day. Technology has become impossible to resist. It makes it easier to access more things with a simple click or touch. Unfortunately, the youth of the nation has figured this out too. 

Unemployment poked you

Connor Vanderweyst, Sports Editor

When I turned 16 my mom told me I had to find a job.

I had never worked a day in my life and the job hunt was tough. I had no idea where to start, and my biggest issue was attire. The fact that employers would judge you on the type of clothes you wore to the interview was a completely foreign concept to me. 

The good, the bad, the disgusting

Jayna Smith, Assistant News Editor

The hype behind the Super Bowl has recently extended beyond what team people want to win. The halftime show and the very expensive commercials are gaining more and more attention nationally.

A McModest Proposal

Landan Garcia, Copy Desk Chief

As an English major, my life is one of constant fear. If it’s not at the frightening lack of jobs post-graduation, it’s of the inevitable party question: “So what do you plan to do with that?”

It's a mean, mean world

Sarah Ruiz, Staff Reporter

The latest age of technology has done many things to society. That being said, the worst thing I believe technology has done is rob us of awareness. Humans are dependent on their observations; they help us connect with those around us. Since we are all so plugged in, we often don’t notice the people around us.  I believe this has in turn cut the number of “good deeds” down and made us less polite.

New Year’s Resolutions

Jeanette Genson, Assistant Scene Editor

Happy 2013, everyone! We made it past the end of the world…again. For some reason, the end of the world felt a lot like casual Friday.


I do it for the ratchets

Connor Vanderweyst, Sports Editor

I have figured out I have serious separation anxiety. This past summer I had to move out of the apartment I lived in for three years and spend my last quarter living in the dorms. 

Even though I haven’t been a resident of The Grove 7204 since June, I still catch myself referring to Bryan and Drew as my roommates on several occasions. 

New Kendrick Lamar album a success

Connor Vanderweyst, Sports Editor

There’s a difference between an album being good and an album being important.

Ludacris’s new album might be good, but it won’t be important. Music scholars won’t write books on it, classes won’t study it and no one will care about it in two to three years.

A leader emerges: Hurricane shows Obama's leadership

Jayna Smith, Assistant News Editor

A good leader must be willing to sacrifice their own well-being for the betterment of the people they represent. 

The last leg of the presidential race came right after Hurricane Sandy plagued the East Coast. Sandy is the most devastating natural disaster to hit the U.S. since Hurricane Katrina. 

My pinteresting addiction

Chanet Stevenson, Scene Editor

My name is Chanet Stevenson, and I am an app-aholic.

I would do that thing where I state how long it has been since I last played on my phone, but truth be told, I have been texting, checking Twitter and pinning adorable craft ideas to my Pinterest boards while sitting here typing this story. I have a serious problem. 

More athletes must come out of closet

Sarah Ruiz, Staff Reporter

Professional sports have always been a place where children could find role models. 

Popular athletes have made children say, ‘I want to be like Mike,” and given them skills to aspire to. But with 4 percent of Americans (according to associating themselves as being gay, what do gay adolescents see in athletics? 

Know your vote

Chanet Stevenson, Scene Editor

What requires two teams, press coverage and a ton of trash talking between opponents and their loyal fans? If you’re thinking it’s a sporting event, you would be normally be correct.