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Sports: Skiers, resorts angry amid lack of snow

Photo Courtesy of KOMO News

BY JULIAN DOUMIT, Assistant Sports Editor As winter quarter enters full swing at Central, more and more people around campus, and the Northwest as a whole, continue to wonder: Where is the snow? Ellensburg already had to go without its usual white Christmas, but the lack of powder is beginning to affect more than just disappointed […]

Sports: Tim Englund, chair of the math department, endures 35 consecutive hours of running over 145.8 miles

Photo Courtesy of Tim Englund

BY SAMUEL CATHCART, Staff Reporter Marathons are common events that many enjoy competing in, but rarely does one hear about someone completing an ultra-marathon. Tim Englund, chair of the math department and accomplished ultra-runner, not only competed in an ultra-runner race, but won the event. Back in October, Tim Englund raced an ultra-runner event in Tennessee […]

Heat raises concern for safer practicing of kayaking along the Yakima River

BY Joseph Bauman Staff Reporter The Yakima River is a popular attraction to many Central Washington University students, as well as locals. During the heat of summer, students find the river a relaxing way to cool down. There are, at times, thousands of kayakers and rafters that float the river throughout the summer. “The river […]

Wake team becomes the first collegiate sports club to win a national title

By SAMUEL CATHCART, staff reporter The Central Washington University Wakeboarding team brought home its first national title over the Memorial Day weekend. The 2013 USA Collegiate Wakeboard Nationals Finals were held at Riverview Park in  Shreveport, LA.

X-country ready to take GNAC by storm

By SARAH RUIZ, staff reporter The Central cross-country team is ready to win the Great Northwest Athletic Conference this year. Placing fifth in the GNAC last year, the team hopes to improve this upcoming season and make it even further.

Wildcat dash challenges mind and body

By DANIEL SOLTERO, staff reporter The University Recreation and the department of military sciences are celebrating Student Appreciation Day by hosting their very first Wildcat Dash.

OPR offers hike of a lifetime

By SAMUEL CATHCART, staff reporter   Outdoor Pursuits and Rentals has planned a two-day backpacking trip to Tunnel Falls, Ore. for students and Recreation Center members on the weekend. The trip gives students the opportunity to spend the weekend outdoors with their fellow peers.

Tayler’ed for success

  By JOE COLUCCIO, staff reporter   Hospitality was not on the menu for GNAC rivals, as conference foes came flooding into Tomlinson Stadium for the Spike Arlt Invitational.

OPR offers longboard slalom and seven northwest vendors


By SAMUEL CATHCART, staff reporter   Outdoor Pursuits and Rentals held its seventh annual Spring Symposium last Thursday to celebrate the arrival of spring outdoor activities.

Semifinals are next for CWU men’s rugby

By DANIEL SOLTERO, staff reporter It wasn’t just another regular season match. And it certainly wasn’t a standard road game. There wasn’t a game winning drive at the end of the match nor was there any specific play that stood out from the rest.