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CWU Golf represents as Nationals

BY Chandler St. Louis Staff Reporter The Central Washington University Golf Club had two golfers compete at the Spring 2014 National Championship in Sussex County, N.J. last weekend. Juniors Austin Key and Brad Donahue represented the Wildcats at the prestigious Crystal Springs Golf Club. The championship was a two-day tournament in which the participants played […]

Green Dot dodgeball prevents violence

By SAMUEL CATHCART, Staff Reporter The Wellness Center and University Recreation are partnering up to host the first 5-on-5 Green Dot Dodgeball Tournament on May 15 at 7 p.m. at the Recreation Center.

Central rodeo


OPR offers hike of a lifetime

By SAMUEL CATHCART, staff reporter   Outdoor Pursuits and Rentals has planned a two-day backpacking trip to Tunnel Falls, Ore. for students and Recreation Center members on the weekend. The trip gives students the opportunity to spend the weekend outdoors with their fellow peers.

Wrestling for more than a ring


By EVAN THOMPSON, sports editor   Mesa, Ariz., 2002. Anthony Robles just finished last in his city. The scrawny freshman in his first year of wrestling could feel what the parents, spectators and others watching were all thinking: He should feel content having the opportunity to wrestle at all, considering that he was born with […]

Brigham Young mauls Central Wildcats, 53-20

By CLAIRE COX, assistant sports editor     The Central Washington University Rugby team was defeated by Brigham Young University on Saturday, April 27 in the semifinals of the Varsity Cup National Championships. Central lost the lead after losing 46 points to the Cougars in the last 50 minutes of the game. 

OPR offers longboard slalom and seven northwest vendors


By SAMUEL CATHCART, staff reporter   Outdoor Pursuits and Rentals held its seventh annual Spring Symposium last Thursday to celebrate the arrival of spring outdoor activities.

Rugby wins final home game against Cal Poly, 21-10

By CHELSEA BRONN, staff reporter In the second half of last Saturday’s game, the scoreboard read 0-0. But that wouldn’t stop the Central Washington University rugby team from beating Cal Poly 21-10 on April 13, which marks their final home game of the regular season. After entering the second half with zero points on the […]

CWU men’s rugby promoted to the Varsity Cup

By EVAN THOMPSON, sports editor Finally, after a forced relocation to compete as an independent, years of battling through D-1A teams and national competitions, the Wildcats have reached the pinnacle of collegiate rugby: the Varsity Cup.