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Ellensburg Police Department Plans on Lowering the Crime Rate for Consecutive Years in 2014

By: Kyle Kuhn Though the year is barely half over, Ellensburg Police Department Capt. Dan Hansberry sees no reason why the crime rate would be on the rise for 2014. The Department’s annual report hasn’t been released (and won’t be until the end of the year) but Hansberry noted some positives. “We’re not seeing a […]

Central Washington University Federal Credit Union Merges with Washington State Employee Credit Union

By Kyle Kuhn Central Washington University Federal Credit Union (CWUFCU) has been falling behind on the times and has been lacking the ability to provide their members with all of the banking services. By Aug. 1, CWUFCU will have fully merged with the Washington State Employee Credit Union (WSECU.) For the first part of the […]

Recreational Marijuana Sales: Union Gap is on the Map

Union Gap has made the list of one of the first cities in the first batch of 24 recreational pot shops in the state of Washington. Instead of the July 8 statewide first day of marijuana sales, Adam Markus, owner of Station 420, will be ready just one day later. Station 420, located at 4007 […]

Ellensburg’s New Airwaves

By Justin Nunez Ellensburg is getting a new radio station very soon. It’s called Ellensburg Community Radio and it is a non-profit radio station located in the 420 Building and is dedicated to education. ECR will be streaming online during its infancy, but the station has already applied to the FCC for a low power […]

Summer fun with “Outdoor Pursuits and Rentals”

By Kyle Kuhn If you decided to stay in Ellensburg over the summer whether you’re enrolled in summer quarter or you didn’t want to remember what it was like living with your parents again, OPR (Outdoor Pursuits and Rentals) has your entertainment covered. OPR has weekly sunset hikes, planned events, kayaking classes and more to […]

Un-approved fees cause CWU to be audited

By Kyle Fenton A whistleblower investigation by the State Auditor’s Office showed Central Washington University took improper action in a student quarterly fee increase, later to be corrected. State law authorizes students to voluntarily impose fees upon themselves. These fees can be created or increased by the student government through majority vote, or an equivalent […]

Opinion: On-campus employment brings joy?

BY Stephani Bailey Copy Desk   Working at the Recreation Center for the past two years has been a life changing experience. When I first got the job my freshman year, I had no idea that I would love it as much as I do now. My boss has been wonderful and working with other […]

Opinion: Bird vs. Bron

BY Jaryd Cline Sports Editor   Monday night after Miami’s 102-90 win over Indiana, superstar LeBron James finally surpassed NBA legend Michael Jordan in something. James moved ahead of Jordan and everyone else by recording game No. 74 with at least 25 points, five boards and five assists in the playoffs. After waking up Tuesday […]

Have you seen the new X-Men movie? Here’s Camille’s review

BY Camille Borodey Orientation Editor   In the future, the mutant and human race is being exterminated by sentinels, a monster race created to destroy mutants. Once frenemies, Professor X (Patrick Stewart) and Magneto (Ian McKellan) are forced to team up with the remaining X-Men to find a way to save themselves before their entire […]