‘You are welcome here’

Ray Payne, Senior News Reporter

February 2

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Anxiety and fearfulness sums up the feelings of some CWU students on the current political climate. On Monday, Central Washington University president, James Gaudino released a statement addressing possible concerns for st...

Washington’s Attorney General sues student loan service for deception

Sarah Taylor, Staff Reporter

February 2

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The United States’ total student loan debt is $1.26 trillion and is rising at a pace of 6 percent annually. Students face an average monthly loan payment of $351. This translates to 5,040 of the most expensive houses in Am...

Marijuana users not fit for guns?

Jonathan Olsen-Koziol, Staff Reporter

November 11

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The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on Aug. 31 that cannabis users cannot possess or own firearms because it makes them subject to “irrational and unpredictable behavior.” Marijuana is still a Schedule I drug an...

NY Times columnist visits CWU

McKenzie Lakey, Editor-in-Chief

November 3

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Syrian refugees sit huddled together on the floor of an abandoned gym, the few belongings that remain from their previous life rest by their sides after travelling thousands of miles. They have escaped the brutal slaughter...

President Gaudino addresses concerns of KKK and hate speech

McKenzie Lakey, Editor-in-Chief

October 4

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Around 4:30 p.m. on Oct.4, CWU President James Gaudino released a public statement to faculty, staff and students in response to reported hate speech and KKK pamphlets found throughout the Ellensburg community. The statement...

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