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News: Washington State Liquor Control Board will accept applications for cannabis retails on Nov. 18

Jamie Winter/Observer

BY PETER O’CAIN, Staff Reporter Potential cannabis retailers seeking a store in Ellensburg will have to wait a couple more months before applying for licenses while the City of Ellensburg figures out where businesses are allowed to be located. The City Council voted unanimously to delay accepting applications and issuing licenses for recreational marijuana distribution until […]

News: Central’s expense savings and tuition increases accumulates over $61 million

Central accumulates millions2

BY PATIENCE COLLIER, Assistant News Editor In the past six years, Central’s administration has spent less each year than they have budgeted for expenses. The difference between the assets and expenses has accumulated over the years into a fund that has nearly doubled in size since 2007 and is now over $61 million. The 2012 budget […]

Central offers students a monthly payment plan to pay for tuition

BY MATTHEW THOMPSON, News Editor University President James Gaudino announced at his state of the university address last Thursday that CWU will now offer a monthly payment plan for students to pay tuition. “Previously students could pay their tuition and fees bills in whole at the beginning of the quarter,” Gaudino said in his speech. “Which […]

Chimpanzees Tatu and Loulis from CHCI arrive safely to their new home at Fauna Foundation, a sanctuary in Quebec


BY PATIENCE COLLIER, Assistant News Editor On August 28th, the final residents of the Chimpanzee and Human Communications Institute left campus for the last time. Tatu and Loulis, who were brought to Central by CHCI, were at the center of a controversy that spanned much of last year. After a long debate over whether they would […]

Primate Behavior program to continue in wake of chimps’ departure


By PATIENCE COLLIER Staff Reporter As the last two chimpanzees at the Chimpanzee and Human Communication Institute, Tatu and Loulis, are expected to depart for a sanctuary in Canada by September 1st, the university is working to ensure the future of the primate behavior program. “The primate behavior program, both the Masters and the Bachelors […]

Local professor, coach reflects on marathon bombs

By DANNY SCHMIDT, editor-in-chief  In 2011, poetry professor Katharine Whitcomb finished the Boston Marathon in four hours and 12 minutes—a time just three minutes slower than the time when two bombs exploded in the 2013 marathon.

Boston Marathon marred by explosions

Boston Marathon explosion

By DANNY SCHMIDT, editor-in-chief The Boston Marathon was rocked Monday afternoon when two bombs exploded about 50 to 100 yards apart, injuring 144 people and killing three, according to multiple news outlets. The marathon had about 23,000 runners from all over the world participating. The explosions, which took place less than a minute apart, occurred right around […]