Central Students for Trump

Ray Payne, Staff Reporter

April 28, 2016

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The recent instances of pro-Donald Trump chalk drawings appearing on campus have brought attention to the newly formed Students for Trump (SFT) club, led by Isaiah Ammon, who is also the director of the Washington state chapter... Read more »

ASCWU presidential candidates

George Rohwer, Staff Reporter

April 28, 2016

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As we walk through the campus, eager to learn new things regarding our major, we can’t help but notice the variety of signs posted up along the walkways and sidewalks. These signs are advertising the potential 2016-2017 student... Read more »

Habitat builds 16th home

Julia Moreno, News Editor

April 28, 2016

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The local Habitat for Humanity just finished its 16th home and moved its chosen family, Spring Liles and her two children, into the Sunlight Waters home near Cle Elum on Tuesday. Liles qualified for her home in 2012 but the... Read more »

Speaker comes to Central to talk on North Korean threat to United States

Kailan Manandic, News Senior Reporter

April 22, 2016

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The Consul General of the Republic of Korea in Seattle visited Central last Tuesday to speak on the nuclear armament of North Korea and their potential threat in the near future. Moon Duk-Ho spoke to a crowd of about 50 in... Read more »

Third Thursday Thinks: Dr. Geraldine O’Mahony discusses life in refugee camps

Brittany Allen, Photography Editor

April 22, 2016

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  Iron Horse Brewery, partnered with the Central College of Arts and Humanities, hosted the Third Thursday Thinks forum last night at 7 p.m. The featured speaker of the month was Geraldine O’Mahony, associate director... Read more »

Here’s to a new foot forward

Jonathan Glover, Editor-in-Chief

April 21, 2016

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I’ve spent many hours in the shower, or brushing my teeth, or staring off into the corner of rooms, or doing the dishes or clipping my toenails – or anything people do when they ponder – thinking about what I would write here. ... Read more »