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Local Battle of the Bands winners rap their way to first album

Braden Den Herder, Staff Reporter - January 30, 2013

Clifton Del Bane is a local Ellensburg group which has been rapping together for almost three years and are about to release it’s first record, Life’s Illusions.

Tom Dell, 38, Kyle Bain, 24, and Jason Clifton, 33, have found a way to combine their varied music interests into their own form of rap.

Clifton Del Bane had a modest beginning.

“I got to know Jason Clifton through a mutual friend,” Bain said. “Him and I worked on a song or two, I gave him some instrumental beats and he showed it to Tom. Tom and Jason wrote a few songs and got back to me, then we just decided to keep doing it.”

The Clifton Del Bane members like to keep busy and continue to create music while working on the record.

“We got a bunch of songs that are kind of half-done,” Dell said. Although the record was completely written almost a year ago, Bain said he has been slowly finishing it, along with his other projects.

“Every Monday we will get together,” Bain said. “And some Mondays we will work on a song or we will write a new song which will be part of a mix tape.”

These mix tapes are uploaded to their SoundCloud account and are free to download.

Each member of Clifton Del Bane finds inspiration from different places. Tom found his desire to write rap music after listening to Ice Cube’s record, The Predator.

“1993, that’s the record that made me want to write rap music,” Dell said.

Bain found it difficult to pin-down where he gets his inpiration.

“Music is such a natural expression for all of us,” Bain said.

Clifton Del Bain are trying to get the word out about the band. They have performed in Ellensburg three times and once in Olympia a few months ago. They even won a local Battle of the Bands at Prosody Events in Ellensburg.

“Most nights are fairly memorable, but we usually have beers with us so those memories get pushed aside,” Dell said. “We like to have more room for lyrics.”

Clifton Del Bane also has a small selection of music videos which can be found on their YouTube account.

“We have two that are online right now, real low budget, iPhone quality,” Dell said.

Most of their videos are shot in their rehearsal studio above The Palace Café. Members of the band each have favorite songs they perform.

“I get to play this really cool piano part on Life’s Illusions,” Bane said. Dell, on the other hand, enjoys songs where he can really let loose and rap.

“I like this one called Grand Design,” Dell said. “I really get to go all out vocally.”

On top of their music, they are part of the Hip Hop Coalition, a jam session where local hip-hop artists can get together to make music.

“Anyone interested in joining can contact me on Facebook,” Bain said.

Their next show is on March 2 at Pounders Bar at 8 p.m., and tickets can be purchased on their Facebook page.

They also plan on releasing their record the same night.

“We plan to make 50-100 CDs and then we will set up a band page where you can choose how much you pay for it online,” Dell said.

The band is also scheduled to play again at Prosody Events on March 9.

Clifton Del Bane continues to look toward their future together.

“We just really want to make the music,” Dell said.

Interested listeners can access the band’s SoundCloud or YouTube account for free downloads.

“We want people to just check us out for themselves,” Dell said. “We can’t say much about it, you just have to hear it.”

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