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Inaugural flaw

Jayna Smith, Assistant News Editor - January 23, 2013

Following the custom of having a big-name star sing the national anthem at the inauguration, Beyonce belted out her rendition on Monday.

Once again, credit for snagging another term was snatched from President Barack Obama. Much of the news coverage surrounding the inauguration has been centered on whether or not Beyonce actually sung the national anthem, or if she was lip syncing it.

Historically, at a high-profile event such as the inauguration, artists are known to lip sync just to prevent any mistakes. Call me biased, but we all know Beyonce has a beautiful voice. As of right now, the Marine Band has conflicting stories as to whether or not she actually sang the song live.

Why does it matter whether she actually performed the song live or not? She has performed numerous shows—pregnant and in heels. Her professionalism shouldn’t be the issue on the chopping block.

As a nation, people should be more focused on the larger piece of history.
President Obama, the first African- American president, was re-elected for his second term.

During 2008, an issue arose about whether or not he was properly sworn in, which pretty much stole the initial glory of his historical accomplishment.

According to the Los Angeles Times, ratings for the inauguration fell by 61 percent in comparison to 2009’s inauguration. The decrease is common for most presidents the second time around. When George W. Bush was sworn in his second time, his ratings fell by 46 percent, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Such a decrease in viewership speaks volumes when MSNBC reported that Obama’s inauguration was expected to cost a record-breaking $150 million. For such a high-priced ticket, you would think there would be a greater value on what actually went on at the event, and not on one minor aspect of it.

Most likely, President Obama and Beyonce have both been attacked enough to not allow pointless speculation to steal the glory of performing at, and being the subject of, the presidential inauguration.

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