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OPR offers skiing under the moon

Scott Herman, Staff Reporter - January 23, 2013

At a time of year when most of the population would prefer to remain inside, content to be warm and bored, Central’s Outdoor Pursuits and Recreation is busy finding ways to get people outside to find better forms of entertainment.

This last weekend the OPR hosted a cross-country skiing expedition in the Methow Valley. Led by OPR’s Trevor Bergstrom, junior mechanical engineering major, and graduate assistant Tom Potter, the group left Friday afternoon and spent two days taking in the sights and experiencing the snowy terrain in central Washington. Potter was pleased to report that the trip appeared to be a success.

“It was a beautiful blue bird day, and relatively warm out,” Potter said. “Everyone had a great time, and those that haven’t had a lot of experience developed the skills they needed.”

Bergstrom also doubles as the shop manager at the OPR and has been cross-country skiing since his parents first put him on skis when he was 8 years old.

Bergstrom also noted that the OPR’s winter events are suited for anyone who wants to get off their couch and partake in the fun.

“We gear things more towards beginners,” Bergstrom said. “If anybody’s never done something like this, and they want to show up, we’ll cater to them and their skill level.”

The group of 11 people went up to the Methow Valley, located about two hours north of Wenatchee. It’s one of the biggest cross-country skiing trail networks in North America.
The trail itself offers a pleasant experience for skiers of all abilities, Bergstrom said.

The trip covered about 16-20 kilometers, at a clip of about three to four hours of skiing each day. At night the group was able to sleep in a cabin that was built along the trail. To add to the weekend’s fun, Bergstrom and several others made the trip in style, sporting multi-colored spandex on the trail.

Because of the full moon that was out this weekend, the group was able to partake in some well-lit night skiing. Bergstrom said that although visibility is obviously limited at night, there are still some amazing views to take in after the sun goes down.

“It’s just beautiful out, with the moon reflecting on the snow,” Bergstrom said.

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