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Wednesday trivia nights offer fun times for community, CWU students

Chloe Ramberg, Staff Reporter - January 16, 2013

Good beer, good people, and good trivia; does it get any better? Iron Horse Brewery doesn’t think so. With a competitive yet friendly atmosphere, Trivia Night, hosted by the Iron Horse Brewery, is a great time for people of all ages.

Daniel Rios, who has been the host of trivia night since last summer, thinks one of the best things about the evening is the crowd.

“It’s great seeing all the different people that come out,” Rios said. “The crowd ranges from students, moms, the elderly and everyone in between.”

Trivia night is an ever-changing event, where the venue can vary from different locations around town, including The Tav and Club 301. The bars are required to have three types of Iron Horse beer on tap to be considered for trivia night, and are even offered sponsorship opportunities. This includes providing a question and a prize to go along with it.

“Iron Horse Brewery wanted to give back to the local businesses that supported us by putting our beer on tap, so they started trivia night to help give them more business,” Rios said.

Trivia begins around 7 p.m. every Wednesday and usually lasts about two hours. There are even opportunities to get ahead in the game. Ashley Stevens, a server at Iron Horse, gives a little inside tip to participants.

“If you want a little advantage to trivia night, go into the micro pub at six before it starts and there will be hints for each round,” Stevens said.

In order to participate in trivia night, teams must consist of no more than six people. Each person pays three dollars, which goes into the pot for the first place winners of the event. The pot ranges from $75 up to $230.

Trivia night consists of three separate rounds. The first round has five different topics which vary each week, including Iron Horse information, sports and entertainment. The second round is the sound portion of trivia night, where a sound clip is played and participants must identify the correct song. The third and final rounds have two topics which are picked by the previous week’s losing team.

There are also prizes involved for those teams who are trivia masters. Stevens has seen firsthand how excited participants can get over their winnings.

“Third place winners receive pint fills, second place gets growler fills, and first place gets all the money in the pot,” Stevens said. “People love it.”

There have definitely been some memorable trivia nights. People get competitive, but the fun remains and never gets out of hand. Natalie Neshyba, a server and participant of trivia night, reminisces about one of her favorite events.

“One of the hottest days of summer ended with Trivia Night in the Tav’s beer garden, it was so fun and one of the biggest turnouts,” Neshyba said. “Iron Horse beer had never tasted so good.”

There is never a lack of entertainment at trivia night, as it can take some unexpected turns. There is an array of interesting team names, and the sound clip round has proven to be one of the highlights.

“It will drive you crazy to hear part of a song when you can’t remember the name, but can sing the rest,” Stevens said. “This usually happens with everyone – it can turn into karaoke fast!”

Iron Horse Brewery has presented the people of Ellensburg, as well as the local businesses, with a chance to participate in a fun event for everyone.

Trivia night usually boasts a large turnout, creating the opportunity to win some cash or liquid rewards.

“Trivia night is a great way to get together with friends, get your mind off things and just have a good time,” Rios said.

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