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I do it for the ratchets

Connor Vanderweyst, Sports Editor - November 28, 2012

I have figured out I have serious separation anxiety. This past summer I had to move out of the apartment I lived in for three years and spend my last quarter living in the dorms.

Even though I haven’t been a resident of The Grove 7204 since June, I still catch myself referring to Bryan and Drew as my roommates on several occasions.

I don’t mess with change, but I am about to go through one of the most drastic changes in a person’s life: the transition from going to college to living in the real world and being an adult.

At the time this opinion is published I will have five days left in my college career. When I first arrived at Central I wasn’t sure it was the right place for me.

Eventually, I found a great group of friends and realized I made the best decision of my life. For my English degree I had to take a practicum course and the choices were writing for The Observer, working in the Writing Center or working on Manastash.

Being a sports junkie, I decided to work for The Observer. Little did I know, being a part of the Observer editorial staff would completely change my entire outlook on life.

Being a part of The Observer editorial staff is like being in the Illuminati. The only way out is in a box—or if you graduate.

Spending my Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights, and Wednesday mornings in the newsroom has completely warped my mind and turned me into the most ratchet version of myself.

I would have never thought I would listen to so much Tyga in my life, but I have learned the majority of his lyrics just by being inside the newsroom for countless hours. Thank your editor-in-chief for that.

But on the real, I want to thank Danny Schmidt and Weston Morrow for teaching me so much about InDesign and Tyga. I learned so much about text wrap and doing it for the ratchets between winter and spring quarter last year.

Before I leave you all, I want to apologize to everyone I have ever rapped at. It’s not my fault I am a lyrical genius and come with the hardest bars in the newsroom. Plain Jayne Smith knows about my lyricism.

I had the opportunity to graduate in the spring and take summer classes to finish my degree, but I just wasn’t quite ready to walk away from my Observer fam. So I came back for fall quarter and never regretted that decision for a second, except for one Thursday in October. But that’s not important.

The Observer has helped me build lifelong friendships and you best believe I will be coming back for some functions.

One last shout out: I want to thank Alex Sherk for convincing me to apply for Assistant Sports Editor at the end of fall quarter last year. If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have applied for the job and probably would have spent last year taking boring classes and wasting my time not listening to ratchet music.

The Observer is a good way to fill your portfolio, but the thing is, I don’t do it for the clips—I do it for the ratchets.

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