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Movember Maddness

Courtney Brunner, Staff Reporter - November 20, 2012

On campus, the month of November is often referred to as “No Shave November,” or “Movember.”

On the night of Oct. 31, males across campus shave off all their facial hair for the last time until December 1. “No Shave November” raises awareness for male prostate cancer. Students and charities take advantage of this month to raise money for this important cause.

“My boyfriend Jacob [Cook] has always taken part in ‘No Shave November’ because he has an uncle with prostate cancer,” said Alyssia Ready, junior studio arts major.

It is a tradition for Cook’s family to take part in “No Shave November.” All of his uncles participate to support his uncle John who had prostate cancer.

“Seriously, it is awesome that all the men in my family get together and do this little act,” said Cook, senior Spanish and communications major. “When I go home for Thanksgiving [uncle John] always loves seeing just how long and nasty I can grow a beard. Even my mustache is kind of impressive.”

Many men partake in the entire month of no shaving, but some find it more difficult than others.

“I know it is for a great cause and I tried damn hard, but my face was itchy and drove me insane,” said Wes Dobies, senior anthropology major. “Not to mention, it was repelling the ladies from my stunning face. I wish I did the whole month but I only lasted two weeks.”

Some people wanted to participate but were unable to for a variety of reasons.

“I wish I could take part in Movember, but my job doesn’t allow it,” said Kasen North, senior biology major.

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