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Cross country has strong showing in Hawaii

Katelyn Potasky Staff Reporter - November 6, 2012

Kahuku, Hawaii was home to the NCAA Division II West Region Cross Country Championship at the Kahuku Golf Course. The Central Washington University women finished in 10th place, the highest regional finish since 2007, while the men’s team finished in 18th place.

It was a great ending to a breakout year for the cross country team. Central brought seven men and seven women to the West Region Championship.

With the humidity and temperature difference in Hawaii, the cross country team had to use some extra training tactics that head coach Kevin Adkisson used during practices to help make sure that the runner’s bodies didn’t go into winter mode. They kept their bodies sweating and warm during practices, with sauna trips at night and practices indoors.
Senior Taylor Kartes finished off her college career strong in the 6K race.

“This was my favorite year by far, with a strong team and a great coach,” Kartes said. “I wouldn’t have wanted to end my college cross country career any differently.”

Kartes scored an all-time personal record at the conference championship meet at Western Oregon University this year with a time of 23 minutes, 40 seconds.

The temperature and humidity got to several women running that morning. Kartes passed a few women who were lying on the ground passed out from heat exhaustion.

Senior Kelsey Kreft has run with the women’s cross-country team for four years and claims this was her favorite year being on the team.

The West Region Championship was bittersweet for Kreft. Kreft had a fantastic run at the conference championship meet, yet didn’t perform as well as she had hoped at regionals. The humidity and temperature took a tougher toll on her body than she expected.

“I am incredibly proud of my girls with reaching our team goal to finish in the top 10,” Kreft said. “I was honored to share this year with these girls along with my coach.”

The men’s team finished in 18th place in Hawaii and had three runners finish in the top 100. Senior Ryan Eidsmoe finished highest for the men.

“The weather was a big factor in the championship,” Eidsmoe said. “Most of us are not used to the humidity that we had to run in Saturday.”

The men’s and women’s team were an extremely young group, with only seven seniors total between both the men’s and women’s teams.

“It is going to be tough to lose such a strong runner like Kelsey next year,” Adkisson said. “Yet, I am excited for the potential we are going to have for the upcoming year.”

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