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Halloween dance draws divers crowd to Prosody

Margaux Massey, Staff Reporter - November 7, 2012

During the days surrounding Halloween, it isn’t uncommon for things to go bump in the night.

Last Tuesday, however, the only thing “bumping” in the night were the speakers at Prosody. The newly renamed venue in the heart of downtown Ellensburg hosted a Halloween dance put on by EQuAl.

The dance floor was dimly lit and the DJ on stage provided dancers with a fun environment to let loose in. The other half of the venue was littered with guests lounging around at tables, either too tired from dancing, or wanting to talk to their friends in a quieter environment.

“I’m here because I love to dance,” said Mike Tobias, senior political science major.

He talked about how he had been to multiple EQuAl events before, and is a regular attendee of the meetings. He was shocked by the turnout, thinking that it would only be members of the club.

The event also offered a costume contest and a short drag show featuring two performers.

“The performances went very well, the crowd was very active. Their energy feeds my energy,” said Marq Kernell, junior fashion merchandising major.

Kernell was better known that night as Kisses Montclaire, the performer that both opened and closed the drag show. He was also surprised by the turnout, as this was the first dance of its kind.

“It’s really nice to see that the community is accepting, not only of cross dressers, but of people in general,” Kernell said.

Prosody was full of a variety of people of every sexual orientation, gender and ethnic background.

The dance was hosted by EQuAl to be a ‘safe option’ for those in residence halls who had nothing to do on the Halloween weekend. The event was alcohol- free and was geared toward all ages. This is the first year EQuAl has put on a Halloween dance, and they hope to make it a yearly event, as it is a great fundraiser for the club.

“EQuAl wants to focus on social events this year and educate through awareness and exposure,” said Nikki Cook, senior sociology and communication studies major and president of EQuAl.

She said that the dance was a positive social experience for the community, and they even reached out to the high school Gay-Straight Alliance and invited them to the dance.

With about 150 attendees, EQuAl club members were pleased with the turnout to the event, which was advertised both through Facebook and through flyers hanging in various buildings around campus. Student interest in this event had members of the club looking forward to putting on more social events in the future in order to raise awareness.

“We try to do just as many educational programs as we do social events,” said Garrett Nelson, vice president of EQuAl and a sophomore psychology major. He said that in past years, organizing events like this was difficult because the board of the club only had four members. This year, with a much larger board, they have more support and will have an easier time planning events.

EQuAl meets on Tuesdays in SURC 301 from 7 to 9 p.m.

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